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30 Day Digimon Challenge - day 6 by Blitzkrieg1701 30 Day Digimon Challenge - day 6 by Blitzkrieg1701

Before we go any further, I must state for the record how annoyed I am by the string of shipping-questions on the list I'm working from.  And this one is the LESS shipping-obsessed one.  I found a few other 30 Day Digimon lists that were at least 50% devoted to which fictional cartoon characters would get together.

Anyway, to answer the question: I’d go with Tamers’ resident spiky heads.  I’ll be the first to admit that Ryo’s not exactly the deepest character, at least as far as the anime goes (for those of us who didn’t spend their youths playing fan-translated Wonderswan ROMs).   He’s got a cool look and a neat partner, but he doesn’t have anywhere near the depth or development of the other Tamers kids… almost as if the producers insisted on his inclusion over the protests of the creative team or something.  BUT he’s also the one kid who never seemed intimidated by Rika, and their ability to go toe to toe with each other could have opened to door to all sorts of interesting interactions if the show had pursued the direction further.

…also, I only just now realized that the names up there are over the wrong characters.  Whoops.

(Anyway, if you like what you’re seeing, then be sure to watch tumblr to catch new ones, go read more Conventional Wisdom and maybe even donate on Patreon!)
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