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For the past year or so now I've been tossing around the idea of getting a Cintiq. I'm a hardcore fan of traditional pencil and paper, but am tempted to get this to speed up certain processes, comic work, and commissioned art. If any of you use a cintiq (which I know there must be tons of you) let me know what you think. I'm lookin at the Cintiq 22hd, how does it transition from traditional drawing, or compare to a Wacom Bamboo (which I use now for my photoshop work)?
Any help you good folks can throw my way would be super awesome!!
To those good folks interested, my bud NJEST just put up a deviantart page!.. killer sculptures and drawings, give him a little peepy...
Everyone, I just signed up on instagram! my username is uh.. blitzcadet .. Come along and follow, I'll be posting loads and loads of process pics, sketches, and tons of other stuff that won't be available anywhere else!.. I'll see you there!
the new ART BOOK is available for pre-order! 74 pages, full color, most of the work I've done in the past 3 years lives inside this bad boy! I've wanted to get this book done for a while.. and nows your chance to reserve your copy ( as first run supplies with be limited )-- The book itself is $19.99 and comes signed. BUT.... get this--- for $39.99 plus shipping you get the Artbook signed, as well as a 4"X 6" one of a kind original pencil headshot sketch.. of either a girl or a monster (its up to you)!! -- so its a reasonably priced opportunity to get your hands on some original art! So again heres the breakdown:::
-Signed artbook $19.99
-Signed artbook with SketchUpgrade $39.99
US Shipping add $3.00
Non US Shipping add $8.00
payments can be made with paypal to
SO what are you waiting for dude!!? get your copy today!!!
Blitzcadet artwork now featured on the awesome site SLIXART! if you've never seen this website before, you should totally hit it up.. its loaded with some of the craziest artists ever!! and if you have seen it.. hit it up again!… ----
Hey y'all-- The deck I designed for Garden is now here! If your'e a skateboarder, or just want some ugly monster veggies hanging on your wall.. hit these guys up and order a board! Theyre only $35.. and looks like they turned out pretty darn cool!  
If anyones interested I put up a time lapse video of coloring a pinup yesterday, over on the Facebook page… ----
I now have a few prints available on ====… ---  
So far we've only put up a few, including my TimeBandits poster, the Vixen pinup, and RoboNaked 1.0 ----- , but more to come soon!
Beers! & Merry Xmas!!
Slots all filled up fast! Cheers to everyone for helpin out! now I better get drawin-
------ The slots filled up fast! Thanks for everyone jumpin in n helpin out! and sorry to folks that I couldnt take on- I'll hit you up with open commissions soon!-- Anyone who heard back from me in a note, rest assured your sketch is on the list--- a million thanks again!!

Hey!! if anyones ever been interested in owning some of my original art, heres your chance to get up on  some affordable original sketch work! I'm kinda scary low on funds this month, and in an effort to raise some quick cash to pay the bills- I am taking some requests for character doodles-  Sketches are black and white (and blue if you count non-photo pencil)  for $25 plus 2.00 shipping. or I'll also digitally color your sketch for another $25 and email you the file, as well as ship the original drawing---   Payment must be sent via paypal to --  I can only really take on between 5-8 requests, so first come first serve-- I'll be happy to address the work to a specific person if you want, whether its your or a gift to someone else, just let me know----    My life is in your hands dude!-
god! has anyone ever worn out the tip on a bamboo pen? I'm pissed man, it started drawing when I wasnt even touching it to the pad.. looked close and the tip was all rubbed down....  what a drag!