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November 23, 2011
Time Bandits by *blitzcadet. I love the characters' expressions and the sense of motion.
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Time Bandits

41K Views's theme this month was time travel, and other than Back to the Future, Time Bandits is way up there on my list of all time faves.. I had some fun on this-- pencil sketch colored in photoshop---
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carlkolchak's avatar
Awsome! Love your Time Bandits art! Great movie and wonderfully done!
Supercaptaincoolman's avatar
If ever there was art that did justice to this excellent movie, this is it. I want to blow this up to be poster size for my media room. :)
twistedcortex's avatar
I love that movie! Momma took me to see that movie!
Supercaptaincoolman's avatar
Me too! I was just a little kid when I saw it. That movie is a treasure, as well as the memories it made.
TimDay365's avatar
I remember watching it  when I was younger. It was always a good time travel movie.
gordhanx's avatar
Awww, this movie was a lot of fun. Really creative and imaginative, with an enjoyable cast.
Rassilon001's avatar
Ahhh that film was a classic...
TMMC1999's avatar
Time Bandits is soooo underrated, it's one of my favourite films of all time!!!
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
I love this soooo much!
nemryn's avatar
Such a good movie.
kavinveldar's avatar
I LOVE this movie!! It has my all time favorite insult : "Benson, dear Benson you are so blessedly free of the ravages of intelligence." 
AMAZING ART! I love it! 
Definitely one of my faves too.  I love that you've added their bags of loot too. Like they're just coming from Napoleon's France.
twistedcortex's avatar
I loved that movie when I was little!!!
MelancholyLobster's avatar
Excellent work and excellent movie!
TheSoulhunter's avatar
My favorite childhood movie, cool!
KeithAnsAZ's avatar
Great flick, Well done!
TheKemper's avatar
Dude... I don't know how I've missed this in your gallery all this time.  FUCKING LOVE this movie!
mediathreat's avatar
Imaginary101's avatar
A Time Bandits picture would not be complete without the George Harrison song - Dream Away
Racingunicorn653's avatar
lol i love the time bandits
vcancer67's avatar
Damn it's As if we grew up together. All your art is all the stuff I watched Growing up. Now its time to do a kick ass The Adventure of Baron Munchausen.
LazaroRuiz's avatar
WOW! that puts me in the way back machine. i feel old
viper10's avatar
Return what you have stolen from me! Return the map!
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