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Princess Leia Centerfold

Another piece for's StarWars theme-- I'm a diehard fan of playboys from the 60's 70's & early 80's... so I thought it might be fun to go for a vibe like that-- Pen&Ink Drawing colored in Photoshop---
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Stolen/reposted here: Princess Leia Centerfold By Blitzcadet-d3go4ns by Magustrix Princess Leia Centerfold By Blitzcadet-d3go4ns

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This is such a lovely piece - I hate when people re-circulate hard work like this. :(
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How did I miss this one? :wow:

Happy Birthday, by the way! :party:
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This is pretty dang great!
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I would like this on my wall 3'x5' framed in red oak.
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You've got a great style, I love the texture you manage to incorporate.  Great work :)
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Love your work! Will be featuring a portion of this piece with full credit on my IG at djcruzctrl. Great stuff!
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Nice tri-fold! She is cute, and hot at the same time.
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''Her Royal Hotness''

''Stop calling me that!''
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Yep, this is still my all-time favorite depiction of Slave Leia.

May the 4th by with you!
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One of my all-time favorite Slave Leia pieces!

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This is so awesome!!
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im inlove with this style very nice
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First it's a sexy pic. But I also like the technique in this a lot. This is a great artwork. Nice to look at. :clap:
Great and sexy pic of slave Leia.Love 
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Fantastic slave Leia piece she looks great, really loving your art style!
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This looks like it is actually a scan from an old magazine. I trust that's on purpose?
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well.. I'm a diehard fan of Star Wars AND your style! Very cool!
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Hoh, Hoh, Hoh, Hoh, Ra zana bah doa gola wookie nipple pinchie.
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