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Planned-Applications haven't opened yet
Applied-I've applied for the convention, I do not know if I'm in
Accepted/Confirmed-I will be attending the convention as a dealer/artist
Waitlisted-I will most likely NOT be attending the convention but this may change last minute

Magfest: Done! Great Con! See You Next Year!

OddMall (Feb Show): Done!

Lexington Comic Con: Done! Great Con! See You Next Year

OddMall (May Show): DONE (Booth Share with Uniquely Inspired Gifts)

AnimeCentral: DONE! See You Next Year!

Animemazement OR AnthrOhio: DONE! See You Next Year
ColossalCon: Applied

HerosCon: DONE! See You Next Year!

Anthrocon: CONFIRMED (Artist Alley, 3 Days)

Dokidokon: CONFIRMED


DragonCon: CONFIRMED (dealer room)

Anime Weekend Atlanta: Waitlisted

NYCC (Planned-Vendor)

OddMall (October Show): Pending

Rhode Island Comic Con: Pending Sign Up Period