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I went with a more Lizardman vibe then the old idea that he was a huge T-Rex also now he's got the whole Godzilla thing going on
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That's awesome; Reminds me of Godzilla and Evangelion mashed together.
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He's also an Italian man living near his large family
you forgot to add king gojulas to that list for the weaponry and armor
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genobreaker face, deathsaurer body...all awesome
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You go, Blitz-Wing!
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that's the coolest Trypticon I've ever seen!! How do you like the WFC Trypticon?
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I actually really liked it an I'd love to see a toy of it to match the new Metroplex
ultra-dbng-prime's avatar
yeah, my old friend loved trypticon, wait, there's a Metroplex toy?!
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yeah the dude is slightly taller the FortMax aswell. He's not really based on the game design however I'd say the toy is the best design I've seen for him
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can you link me to the figure picture?
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I'm so getting that!! Now they need to make a Trypticon and Omega Supreme figure
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He kind of remind me of the Deathsaurer from the Zoids franchise.
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Would love to see him fight Godzilla. :XD:
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Woah. He looks Badass.
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i dig it , now he dosent look so clumsy n slow . awesome work
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reminds me of zoids but it is too damn amazing
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I forgot to ask but are you also going to draw metroplex
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Awesome concept idea!!! 8-)
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This Is some Amazing Work
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