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Published: July 18, 2009
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nothing much to say its Cliff Jumper.

the basic idea was to come up with an design for cliff jumper thats not just a red BumbleBee and could not work for BB if it were yellow

the alt mode is a cross between the Mk2 Golf GTi Rallye and Lancia Delta HF.
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That is definitely Cliffjumper. Pulling out a huge gun outta nowhere,just do not miss.
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Gamma-VHobbyist Digital Artist
I just now took another look at this guy.  I love the nod to More Than Meets the Eye with that gigantic gun he's carrying.

"I've got Megatron dead-center in my viewfinder."
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That's a cool bazooka Cliffjumper has.
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CliffJumper AND Rocket Launcher sweet
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the design reminds me of alternators... i like it
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awesome job!!!!!!
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I'm curious as to how you came up with purple for his eye/window color. Not that it looks bad or anything. It's just an unusual choice, especially for an Autobot.
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Blitz-WingHobbyist Digital Artist
their was no real logic behind it I just liked the colour and it matched up nicely with the windows
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I nearly mistaken this to be Henkei Ironhide based on the thumbnail on DA. Well, bigger armanents are really fun for the Autobots, especially considering that the Decepticons seem to have the upperhand combat-wise most of the time =P
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Awesome redesign man! Fitting alt mode for a different version of CJ too!
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SealSlammerHobbyist General Artist
Like what Felldoh said, the purple Decepticon-ish eyes seems off-putting. But that's just my opinion. I won't say anything about the left thumb, since it's quite obvious to you already.

I gotta admire the leg design. That seems to catch my eye a lot with its' details. Same goes with his torso.

Overall, I like the impression that he's waiting to blow up stuff with that bazooka again. Good work! :D
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Awesome design man! I like the bulkiness of his legs.
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hehe, CJ and his big gun, fantastic! :)
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Blitz-WingHobbyist Digital Artist
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nato2469Professional General Artist
Nice, great concept all around. It works very well for Cliff Jumper.
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FrankORourkeProfessional General Artist
Blitz, this is really nice work and could so easily fit into the Alternators continuity.

great job, although one teenie tiny thing puzzles me...

he's got one gigantic left thumb, I take it he hitch hikes alot lol (I kid bro)
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Blitz-WingHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah I drew it and I was like dang... too late to change it. I was going to edit it in PS but I forgot
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FrankORourkeProfessional General Artist
she's still a very nicely done femme.

she looks very young. maybe Wheelie's age perhaps.
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SstavixHobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice! I like your redesign.
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Nika-N General Artist
All set and ready to pwn some traitor aft))
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