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Gamer Legacy's Kanto Chapter Three: Into the Tree.
"you can call me Isaac" he said as I smile and soon we got ready to go in the tree and had started to look around knowing some of the creatures in the tree didn't look like Pokémon as me and Isaac noticed the creatures attacked as I used shadow claw I than noticed it became something else when I picked it up as it looked like some kind of nut as I than place it in my pocket and progress through the tree as I noticed Isaac was still looking brave as we had entered some rooms that had treasure chests and obstacles we than had found a compass and a map of the place and soon we would explore further and further into hear.
Soon they had continue to find more Puzzles but had noticed some strange eggs from the sealing as they looked like they could fall down though they could not explain the giant spiders that had looked like a skull but some were gold and had some kind of role in a large quest as I had some help solving some puzzles with Isaac as we got deeper and deeper of the tree as
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Rose Alien Pregnancy. by Blits-Rainer
Mature content
Rose Alien Pregnancy. :iconblits-rainer:Blits-Rainer 8 3
Pokemorph Female. by Blits-Rainer Pokemorph Female. :iconblits-rainer:Blits-Rainer 13 1 Pokemorph Male. by Blits-Rainer Pokemorph Male. :iconblits-rainer:Blits-Rainer 8 0 Blits Unit Female. by Blits-Rainer Blits Unit Female. :iconblits-rainer:Blits-Rainer 10 2 Blits Unit Male. by Blits-Rainer Blits Unit Male. :iconblits-rainer:Blits-Rainer 7 0
Gamer Legacy's Kanto: Chapter two.
I was getting ready to leave to search for certain stuff for my adventure as I was getting the last of what's left of my gear and some food supply as I started to use a decoy of my self to distract professor oak witch was trying to study me for some time now and it was before the day of anthro Pokémon becoming true sharing a world with humans as I continue to dash towards the large tree with a face beyond professor oaks lab as I started to get through the garden through other Pokémon as well resting as I was now walking along the tree with a face on it and I looked up at it until I got knocked out by some wild yet rogue Pokémon.
"let's see what kind of good's he's got" they said as they took my bag off and found only nothing. "darn... at least the bag could pick up a few penny's" one of em said. "Stand down you fiends" a voice from a distance said as my eyes were heavily dazed as I could not open them up until I noticed it was night time and had noticed a Dragonite that
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Absol mother. by Blits-Rainer
Mature content
Absol mother. :iconblits-rainer:Blits-Rainer 10 7
Gamer Legacy's Kanto: chapter one.
when young are born they are born from eggs how ever a mother Zoroark had taken care of a special kind of egg after sitting on a comet shard of the ancient ancestors as the energy entered her body as she look at her egg and waits for it to hatch but remembers what happen to her after she was on the shard that hit the ground as it changed her body as well as she heard a cracking sound she heard tiny wining from the egg as it started to hatch as a young male Zorua came from the egg as the mother smiles looking at her newly hatched child she raised it like if it was her own as she taught it how to walk on his fours as he did and gave little giggles knowing he started to want to walk with his mother more as he rolled on the ground as sometimes his mother watches but smiles watching her son playing with human children.
months later the mother start to feel a little to protective as she keeps noticing sightings of Team Plasma as she continues protecting her child from harm but had noticed Lo
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Ace Holykin by Blits-Rainer Ace Holykin :iconblits-rainer:Blits-Rainer 12 0 Scout Cloudstrong by Blits-Rainer Scout Cloudstrong :iconblits-rainer:Blits-Rainer 11 0 Pro Lance by Blits-Rainer Pro Lance :iconblits-rainer:Blits-Rainer 12 3



O.k. so I'm going to try something new or... never did it in a long time but when I was young but I'm going to try use a pen in my art work so I'll make a new kind of character with it while doing so by making a world of Led and Ink in other words I'm going to use both and see how it looks.

Inspired by Bendy and the ink machine.

just keep having hope stay motivated and keep being inspired and show no worry's.

Remember you only gain Respect through Requests not by Commissions.

The Time is now for Sci-fi art.

Switch Friend Code: SW-5985-2001-9807.

3DS Friend Code: 1306-8925-0752.

Skype: Blits.Rainer

Discord: Blitsrainer#7907

Castle Address: 10344-47669-65453-46460


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Friends of mine call me the wandering Warrior.


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