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:yayay: - NaNoEmo 24/30 + Plz


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I feel like this currently because road trip, road trip, road trip. :eager:

Animation came out a bit choppy, but I'm used to animating in Fireworks now, where I can actually preview the animation as I go. I only have GIMP on this computer, so I can only check the animation after I put everything in. :noes:

Inspired by:
:happybounce: by ~jamal1
:dance: by `peskaa

Plz Account

:iconyayay-plz: = :iconyayay-plz:
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Yayayayayyy!!! :yayay: - NaNoEmo 24/30 + Plz :yayay: - NaNoEmo 24/30 + Plz :yayay: - NaNoEmo 24/30 + Plz

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This is me right now because I now know for a fact that my crush likes me back!! :yayay:
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This is very adorable, and it also doubles for a dancing emoticon. ♫ :yayay: - NaNoEmo 24/30 + Plz
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I think this is now my most used Emoticon! And your other Emoticons are cool too!
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This is my favorite emoticon! :iconyayay-plz:
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Awh! Thank you very much. Blush 
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Aww, very nice! It seems like a fairly useful emote. Animation seems fine to me. ;P
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That's adorable. 
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