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Hey everyone,

I'm planning on attending a convention this year (Anime Weekend Atlanta, to be exact) and I plan on wandering around aimlessly.

However, I'd like to have some small goodies to give away or sell.

I'm thinking: buttons/pins. Everyone likes those!

If anyone can recommend a good website/independent button-maker sorta thing, let me know!  

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It's a shame we don't have stuff like that where I am. I do love anime!

Anyways, I hope you have lots of fun.
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I make buttons over at [link]

We do a lot of buttons for webcomic artists, and - being a fan of Heard - I'd love to add you to our list. :)
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Oh, cool! Thanks for the link! I've got a bit before I've gotta start ordering buttons and whatnot, but I'll definitely remember this link. :D And yay! Thanks for reading Heard.
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No worries; I figured it would be a while (considering this post is from September) but I thought I'd give you a heads up. :)
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Hi~ :wave: It's I.S.P., that person who does Spina Cage.
If you still are wanting buttons, I actually just bought a button maker. I'd be totally willing to make buttons for you~ They're 1.25 inches, cost maybe a quarter a piece, pretty solid. If you're at all interested, just say so <3
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Hey you!

That actually sounds quite nice! I'm not going to make any buttons for a while, as it turns out, since I'm.. running off to Japan in a month or two, but I'll probably be wanting to make some when I get back home!

Thanks so much for being on top of it though! <3 You should make some Spina Cage buttons. *hint hint*
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Omigawd! Have fun in Japan O: !!
Don't feel pressured to use me if you find someone better or anything :3

I don't think anyone would buy Spina Cage buttons XD But maybe I'll make some anyway! *covers self in buttons*
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I think you need to have a machine that makes buttons, those with pins. Not sure though.

What about bookmarks?
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Hey Ed! Yeah I've looked into the button machines a little.. I don't really wanna invest in a button-maker just yet.

Though bookmarks are a good idea! I should make some of those! :D
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You can use fancy, glittery ribbons or something for the bookmarks. :D Wish you luck.
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I have no advice, but I know my friend Lobbie makes buttons for cons a lot, so you can probably note her about it: [link]
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