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Romy - Nude

By BlinkyTheRed
A reward for those of you who actually watch my DeviantArt-- a speedrawing I did of a nakey Romy.

Romy is the main character of my Girls Love comic Heard, at [link]

Program: SAI paint tool
Time: ~1 hour (I'm so rusty with color..)
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© 2009 - 2021 BlinkyTheRed
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Megatronsenpie7's avatar
Oh my glob!!! I just want to grope those big juicy boobies!!! *drools*
asymmetricarcher's avatar
very well drawn! I love the way you colored her in :3
svenskalovenska's avatar
She's cute, though I would prefer to see Bailey :]
kiyoshiwithpen's avatar
evafreed13's avatar
*drools* booobies....
Zombie-Teddie's avatar
Eriyonai's avatar
oh my gosh.
You know I absolutely adore your comic and your art... but I had no idea you were this good. So pretty..
that's amazing. ♥
edtadeo's avatar
Blinky! Where have you been?! I missed you, girl...errr...sortagirl. =P

Anyway, I see your development over the years. I like seeing your work again. Brilliant work. ;)
dralora's avatar
The colors look awesome! The anatomy too, hehe.
xTabbiex's avatar
:3 Aw, I love Romy so much.
Yamino's avatar
Agreed with above (or rahter, below?) comments. I like the coloring a lot. =)

otaku-vampire-ninja's avatar
i really like the way you colored this actually XD
bishie-serge's avatar
Oh my, it's a boob and a half. Very nice, Nena. I really like the rainbow colors in the hair.
Romy looks a little embarrassed to be 'sharing' with strangers though. ;)
rosalarian's avatar
I love all the subtle rainbow-ey colors in her skin and hair. Very pretty.
t3hs3cks's avatar
Cerebr4l's avatar
Heeey, look who finally made a post :D Nice job, I really like the color in her hair. :blackrose:
ZeroHawk315's avatar
W00t! A triumphant return for Blinky!

Also... hawt
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