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i don't pay as much attention to my DA account anymore so i can't always be aware of when i get new followers that are lurch-inducing fuckheads, so here we go:

do not +Watch me (and if you already do, unwatch me now), contact, or commission me if you create, consume, or condone content that blatantly commodifies any of the following subjects as ~Harmless Kinky Fun~

-CSA, incest, and pedophilia. this includes, but is not limited to, DDLG, loli/shota, fictional characters you know damn well are children or are blatantly designed to resemble them, and so on. also, if you identify as a "MAP" or defend them in any way i hope you get hit by a truck (for those unaware, it means Minor Attracted Person, aka SELF ADMITTED PEDOPHILE, dressed up in a palatable little acronym they can pretend deserves respect as a valid identity, so if you see someone label themselves as this, run for the motherfucking hills)
-slavery, raceplay, race fetishization / exoticism
-revenge porn
-violent degradation of specifically targeted and already marginalized groups (ie the “helplessly brutalized woman/put in her place” kink, homophobic or transphobic violence) or romanticizing bigots and oppressors (ie that “sexy nazis” bullshit, seriously, fuck you if you do that crap)
-intersex and/or trans fetishization (ie “futa”, “trap”, anything that throws around slurs like “sh-male” “c-ntboy” “h-rm” and so on, that porn made by cis artists who are posing themselves as progressive when it’s clear they just have a freaking creepy hyperfixation on the bodies of trans and intersex people)
-creepshots (photos of living people taken and posted online/presented as or photoshopped into wank material without that person’s knowledge and consent)

and no, before you ask, i do not care if it is “because coping,” and the disingenuous bullshit that is the "fiction =/= reality" excuse won't fly with me either.

do not +Watch me, contact, or commission me if you have otherwise innocuous fetishes but pressure/force them onto others, project them onto unwilling parties, or reduce other people and their bodies down to how kinkily fuckable you personally find them / try to disguise your kinks as body positivity to avoid being self-critical of how you engage with them.

failure to respect these boundaries i have set for myself and my work, probing me for the reasons why i have them as if they are up for debate and i need to adequately justify them to you, or demanding that i make myself more available for your personal consumption and expand my personal boundaries to specifically include you and what you want, will result in an immediate block.


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