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Retro - Future

ZOOM TO SEE THE DETAILS :D 4000 x 2133 is the original SIZE :D ! ...She could imagine ??? She represents the all people :love: She could imagine the phone without wire ? I think no ... ! She call the future with her things ... and now is here ! Made it in Photoshop... The girl was made from 2 pictures....but she was redrawed completly...and him the same...! VOTE PLEASE !
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This one made me laugh. Great idea!

Your ability to draw people is really something as well. I haven't had time to look yet, but do you do much in the way of comics/manga?
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Ever thought about it?
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nice please check mine out and vote please


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haha .. nice idea :D
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I want it Q u Q
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nice work, u hv my vote, gd luck
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Nice XD but it might not be liked so much since you could techinically be advertising for the Iphone.
but clever xp
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Really clever design! The font choice and selective use of color are both very well done!

Please take a look at my entry, ROBO TMRO, at [link] and if you'd wear it, please vote! Thanks!
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Gud.....Voted..Plzz Have a luk at mine to [link]
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I like this, very unique!

Check out mine, if you'd like
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this one is one on my favorites yet :)

cool one bro!
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thank' you ... i'm working to another :X ...i will invite you to see it when is done ... :D thank's again :D have a nice night :P
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thanks for the vote, just got ya back :) thats class m8... great idea
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thank you man :P
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nice, id wear this
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"i'd wear this" :ashamed:
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nicely drawn, voted :)
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