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Peter Piebald

One of the principal characters of a story idea I had

Peter is a level 1 demon who scavenges off the river Acheron what artifacts make it into the outer planes. He's a trickster, a liar, a thief, and a ruthless predator (provided the prey is weak enough). His dishes of choice are live pixies and pot roasts

He has a coat of arms which allows you to put your arm through any sleeve, or maybe several at once! It might not even be your own arm that comes out.

He also collects doohickies and has a fascination with electric engineering. Like any solid denizen of Hell and the other outer planes beyond death he carries a large array of charms and wards to counteract spells strapped to his body.

EDIT: Same universe as Ophelia for anyone that's curious :D
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Interesting that Cio has his coat of arms... Perhaps it was originally his in KSBD?
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He is so disturbing to look at, and so awesomely designed. You did an awesome job. :D
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I love that coat of arms.
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Haha! I could already tell he was related to Ophelia as fellow demons the very moment I saw it. You've kept up some good consistency with expressing time-and-place facts through your drawings. That's pretty rad :nod: .
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Also loving the insect like limbs and chest plumage.
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Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, I've missed your creativity. Love it, from the name, to the coat, to the Tengu like nose(is he wearing a mask?)
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"It might not even be your own arm that comes out."
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I'm glad you've been posting up more art man!!
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