You Gotta Give 'em Hope

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"The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." ~ Allan K. Chalmers

Never Give Up by endless-fever Berlin, I love you by Lightning-Icarus :thumb129096915: The Revolution by ItFeltLove   stories by miranda july. by anniferrr

Love is everything. . . by davejsy Cliche by JustDontAsk Operation Bear Hug by OceanGuardian Love will save us by jesidangerously If these walls could talk by kingbenji  

:thumb152396782: :thumb119277216: viltingai. by BloodyFeet Revolutionary Journey Arms by candarama

"There has never been anything false about hope." ~ Barack Obama

:thumb115568798: Give Hope by MadAtterSA :thumb49800679: Hope. by aznb0i1049

:thumb62253778: Harvey's Joy by mindbodygraphics love more, fear less. iii. by b2spiritcat Keep Holding On by danibkay

Hope by Amemille :thumb126144184: Peace wishes by thedaydreaminggirl :thumb150585830: Inside all of us is hope. by bypolar-bear

"Once you choose hope, anything's possible." ~ Christopher Reeve

Keep on smiling by PutYourBraveFaceOn inspiration by stingrei
:thumb131282489: A Hopeful Community by theadeleon

KNOW HOPE by Venusx3 Survivor by WickedNox fight for Hope by DaphneNg Dont Give Up by UndeadxHeros

Be by jonathoncomfortreed    All I Want by sweeter-than-reality :thumb122207300: Hope by xfact

"Everything that is done in the world is done by hope." ~ Martin Luther

:thumb60227610: think hope by a-RAW
Good graffiti, Jerusalem by dpt56 :thumb109079485:
:thumb16315283: :thumb124038426:

"The important thing is not that we can live on hope alone, but that life is not worth living without it." ~ Harvey Milk     

:thumb150457383: Chasing dreamsI would rather chase my dreams 'till the bitter end, instead of letting them go at the very beginning. SmileStay away, I don't want to be afraid
I like to send the darkness running, send it away.
Light like a fire in my soul, like ice melting in the sun,
I run into the day and it takes me away.
I woke up and felt like I was still in a dream,
And I feel so trapped I want to be free,
Have I ever told you that I can't be complete
Unless I see, see your eyes.
Smile, my girl, I'd take you all around the world,
Just need the money and probably a plane.
So maybe I can't give you anything but a wish,
But trust I will take care of you, and you'll never be the same.
If you could only see things through my eyes,
I think that it would make you, make you smile,
I only have one purpose in my life,
I want to make you, make you smile.
Hey, wait, I'm sorry if I'm late,
I tried to escape the speeding of time.
But I've found you here, and I'm not afraid, my dear,
To stay awake all night, it'll be sublime.
If you could only see things through my eyes,
I think that it would make you, make you smile,
I only have
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I'll have to thank you, for your act of kindness. :)