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Dream Flight

By blindedangel
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photoshop painting

It is amazing to me how often people are able to fly or float off in their dreams. What is it that creates the desire to do so? It has always been one of the reoccurring elements in my dreams.
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Master-Kat-Illusion's avatar
I dream that I am flying in my dreams a lot, but I always have something chasing me and I can feel suspense of trying to keep flying and get away from the person/ thing that is after me. It is quite peculiar.
TheodenN's avatar
This happens to me a lot.
blindedangel's avatar
I don't get them as often as I used to. I'm sure that means something.
weaponstar's avatar
I don't think I've ever had a flying dream, that I remember. ):
blindedangel's avatar
It's not too late to start ;)
Casagalago's avatar
I also love the color you added to the picture too :D.
Casagalago's avatar
 this is amazing ;). I love the sense of the idea of flying in the dream :). Flying is the most wondrous thing ever in the dream world.
blindedangel's avatar
Thank you! I agree, flying in dreams is wondrous!
MetaKnight964's avatar
My guess is to be free from the worlds influences.
blindedangel's avatar
I  like that idea! :)
RealityUnfiltered's avatar
yeah i always jump off my roof in dreams
blindedangel's avatar
Hopefully in a upward direction and not a downward one. ;)
Hunnybunny88's avatar
When I was a kid, i dreamt a looot about flying. And most of the times, it was almost as in your drawing. I was so high, that I could see the world, sometimes feeling like heaven was just sucking me up into the scared me a bit, especially since I always almost fell down all the way until i could get a grip again and started being drawn back to heaven...awesome drawing! I love the colors too :)
blindedangel's avatar
It is amazing how so many of us share this experience that is so unusual in our waking life. Thank you for sharing your story! :)
Main94's avatar
This drawing immediately caught my eye. It's so beautiful o_o
RocCenere's avatar
Man, I love flying in dreams.
I always have wings though, sometimes my arms are wings, sometimes I have a pair on my back, and sometimes I just turn into a dragon.

I had a dream very similar to this, except over the wooden fence was a giant river. And I landed in a barrel and floated down it.
blindedangel's avatar
Thank you for the comments, and happy dreaming! :)
Nora-Sims's avatar
This actually scares me a little.. I keep imagining her hitting the ground.. :hmm:
basca666's avatar
eroeheadron's avatar
The soft colors are beautiful and make this picture look just like a vague dream. Lovely :)
majorxomasher's avatar
wow this actually looks like some of my dreams
Brokenopenseed's avatar
Flying, Falling, and Teeth falling out are (with some room for argument) the 3 most common dreams. This is beautiful by the way (^_^)
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