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Booting up the stream to hopefully finish some portraits and a couple sketches. Come join us :D Multi streaming with some other cool peeps:
Stream is booting up, Scribbling some stuff that may become a dragon or two. Come chill with us. :)
Been a while since I've done any pony art but I have been thinking about doing a few new pieces for bronycon.
What kinds of stuff would you all like to see? 
Have an idea for something and want to make sure it gets done? I'm open for commissions.
Check out my prices over here:

I will also be doing a sketch stream on Friday for quick stuff as well over on twitch
Pony sketches will start at $25

Hope to see some new faces there.
I'll post a journal before I go live.

So in the meantime feel free to throw ideas of who and what you would like to see.
And shoot me an email for a free quote if you would be interested in a commission.
Hello everyone, I kinda really wanna do some more MLP:FiM themed commissions and maybe some pony OC's as well.
Would anyone be interested in a $30 sketch?

Please send me a note if you are interested with the following details.

Image Reference:
Paypal Email for Invoicing:
We are live! Come join us as I finish up some art for anthrohio
Come hang with us. Answering questions and teaching along the way.
Birthday Stream Hype! 
Lets Go Champ! 
Art and then Fortnite later 
There be Dragons!
Painting some Spyro, come join us :D
Stream is Booting up!
Come chill with us :D
Stream is booting up,
Still a lil sick but gonna try powering through it.
Come chill with us :)
So serious question for everyone here
I've been doing the morning streams for a while now, what are everyone's thoughts on them?
I've been seeing a bit of growth with new people coming in but I miss seeing my old regulars as well. 
What are some suggestions that y'all have that would make the stream more accessible to you and more appealing to yourself and others? 
I love streaming for you all and want to make it better for you as well.

Wanna tune in? Check out the stream and drop a followhere:
Live at ~8am est every morning
Watch Twitter for delays and no-stream days
Sick stream  today.
Pushing to finish a couple large paintings, come chill with us
Stream booting up.
Starting with no mic since we have company over.
Come chill with us <3
Stream is going live!
Working on commissions and stuff
Come chill with us :)
Taking a couple Experimental Wing-it Speedpaints.
$35/hr (~4hrs suggested)
Email if interested:

RT it on Twitter:…
Wakey Wakey Eggs and bacey, we are live!
720428754e0b9b3d878e57f59ca16783 by BlindCoyote

Stream is a go go
Come chill and wake up with us

720428754e0b9b3d878e57f59ca16783 by BlindCoyote

Come wake up with us to some tea lo-fi chill beats
720428754e0b9b3d878e57f59ca16783 by BlindCoyote
Stream is booting up, sorry for being late. Come chill with us :D
720428754e0b9b3d878e57f59ca16783 by BlindCoyote
Stream is booting up, going until 11am est.
Come chill and lurk with us.
720428754e0b9b3d878e57f59ca16783 by BlindCoyote

Good morning! Stream is booting up. Come chill and lurk with us.