Japan Expo 2011 artist alley - A journey
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It's back! The crazy review is back with a vengeance!

I attended this year's Japan Expo a couple weeks ago, and once again, I spent the whole two days I was there roaming around the artist alley. This year, I was on a smaller budget, since I had to save up for some project of mine (more on that later~), so I couldn't get everything I wanted. Woe is me.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands on a map when I first got there, so I wasn't able to survey the AA as methodically as I did last year. Which resulted in myself not being able to find a few booths (which I couldn't visit, and are in light purple on my self-made map). Also, I might have misplaced a few booths, because the map available on Japan Expo's website is so small and hard to read. :unimpressed: Please, feel free to correct me if you spot mistakes in this journal.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time there, especially since I got to meet with lots of wonderful people (and artists).

People who rock my world :

A : Orpheelin - :iconorpheelin:

Dat girl. I'm so jealous of her. She's one of the most talented, one of the most versatile artists I know. And I'm not just talking about her art. Not only can she draw beautiful female characters, as well as gorgeous male ones (Fauuust~ *drools*), but her stories are compelling, and her characters have that little something that makes you feel like they're alive.
Orphee, I :heart: you!

B : Yum Yum Studio - :iconkalahan:

Kalahan's my bro. I'm glad I could spend some time with him during the con, reminiscing about the good old days - that's when we were young and innocent (...ok, maybe not the latter). We totally need to hang out more.
Onto what I bought at his booth... Talk about fostering obsession. é_é

C : Blackcat - :iconauroreblackcat:

Kimchiiii~! :heart: This year, Aurore released a gorgeous full-color comic, which I loved reading. Check it out!
The small things on the left of the pic are magnets and a lovely keychain. Also, cats. :3

D : Dokkun - :iconfabrissou: (and others who don't seem to have DA accounts that I could find D: )

Another old friend from the days of youth and innocence... Except we were never innocent. We didn't see each other for years, literally, and now he's got this very nice (and naughty) thing going on. With tons of manly manlove inside.

E : Tsundereko - :iconvinhnyu: :iconkinary:

These guys are talented, and laugh a lot. At least, they were laughing their ass out when I visited their booth. Fun thing is, these guy's forte is drawing moe-style girls (and they're ridiculously good at it), and since their booth was located right near the dokkun guy's... Talk about contrast. I wonder if the Japan Expo person in charge of booth placement did it on purpose. x3

F : Explosante Fixe :iconexplosante: - :iconmi-eau: :iconstrobolights: :iconsssashimi:

More talented people. This year, I got to meet Mi-eau, which is great, because I missed her last time (since I only attended on Thursday and all that stuff). Got a Touhou fanbook there, as well as these nifty cards.

G : Cherry Box - :iconlancha: :iconcherryaisu:

And again, more talented people (from Germany)! Got this lovely book from their booth. Sweet story, even sweeter art. :heart: I wish I could get more of their stuff, but I was almost out of money by the time I reached their location.

H : Moe Luv :iconmoe-luv: - :iconninamo-chan: :iconkawaii-dream: :iconnever-knows: :icondragolisco: :icon3-keiko-chan-3: :iconayameshiroi: :iconkenneos: :iconanakris: :icondoodlewired:

Yet another bunch of talented people (from Spain this time). Got an Umineko fanbook there, as well as a Madoka Magica one. I didn't read them yet, because I don't wanna get spoiled (only saw the anime for Umineko, and I still have to watch the two last episodes for Madoka Magica). However, I literally devoured the small (and cute) Harry Potter yuri fanbook I got there. I mean, It's HP, and it's yuri. How cool (and rare) is that?

I : Koi Creation :iconkoi-creation: - :iconloreen: :iconkairek: :iconrazurichan: :iconmegan-uosiu:

The only thing I got there (and absolutely do not regret getting, trust me) is the wonderful, gorgeous artbook, "Fantasy creatures". These girls are so, so very talented. Incidentally, they're also from Poland (and if you read my JE review for last year, you know how I dig Polish artists).

J : Black & White - :iconradittz: :icongoku-no-baka: :iconalatherna:

My visit to this booth was the highlight of Japan Expo to me. Not only are these girls extremely gifted (and among my favorite artists here, on DA), but they're also incredibly nice and friendly. And cute. And from Poland :heart:. I truly have no words to express how happy I was to meet Goku again this year (and get a few hugs in the process, because she rocks like that), not to mention, discuss my latest obsession (that's Gintama, FYI) with her.
Is that love? :sherlock: But without any doubt, Goku's got herself a fan for life.
And I'm never gonna run out of bookmarks ever again. x3

K : Life in a glasscase - :iconysmene: :iconflobizet: :iconpaopu-elric: :icontaikova: :iconlunni-chan: :iconarima-shiro: :iconshinigamistarless: :iconryuusei-illusion: :iconkuroartemis: :iconneko6: :iconmintonia: :iconlee-buddy: :iconirma-aki: :iconmila-valentine: :iconharo-chan: :iconyutaru-nara: (and many others who, again, don't seem to have a DA account - seriously, girls, there are so many of you... If any of you happens to read this, feel free to tell me if I missed anyone, I'll add them ASAP)

Got that Assassin's Creed anthology with gorgeous art from their booth, as well as their cute (and slightly pervy) Hetalia anthology. Sad thing is, since I would only visit their booth on Friday, I didn't get to meet most of these talented artists. I hope they'll attend JE next year!

And now, for the booths I was unable to visit (but dearly wish I could) :

1 : Puchi Usagi - :iconcharln:

2 : Scythe - :iconrann-poisoncage: :iconbory-einfrost:

3 : Shawry - :iconaquafeles: :iconasrafarel:

4 : Rainbow Toast - :iconephemeralcomic: :iconsketchingdays: :iconjunie-junette:

5 : Studio Gothika - :iconmarie-angele:
Yet another friend from the good old days. And I already missed her last year... Life is unfair. :(

6 : Obvious² - :iconbisc-chan:

7 : Nekozumi - :iconjennaris:

8 : Eternal S - :iconeternal-s:

9 : Twin Lilies - :iconkiriel-art: :iconlan-nhi:

I couldn't help but lament a bit when I learned that inma, luleiya and Author-chan, as well as Obsidiurne-Morgil, wouldn't be attending JE this year. I really hope you'll be able to be there next years, girls! <3

I'd also like to tell you about my friend cathydelanssay, whom I spent a wonderful day with on Saturday. She rules, and she also said she'd try to have a booth next year. Check her art!

And so do I : next year, I intend to have my own booth as well (though that's easier said than done, considering I'll be hella busy this year), so I'm not sure I'll be able to spend as much time wandering around the artist alley as I did these past two years. But I sure hope I will, and I'll try not to forget to make a new business card.

On a totally different matter, I met (and took a pic of) the cutest cosplayer (and his cute red-haired girlfriend) on Saturday, who was dressed-up as Sanji, from One Piece, while on a short break with my friend Cathy. I don't know who you are (because I forgot to ask for your name, and you didn't ask for mine - which reminds me : how's that an accurate cosplay? x3 ). Still, it rocked (as far as looks go, anyway è_è ). If you ever happen to read this, kudos to you.

Once again, I would like to thank all the people who spent their precious time talking to me. You guys rock! Keep up the good work, and see you next year! :heart:
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ysmeneStudent General Artist
I'm so happy to know that you liked our stuff :heart: I hope we can go back to JE next year! It was such an amazing experience!
(I will help you with our members' names =D *marendins did the cover of the AC anthology and ~Hikari-Akagi did the doujins "Prey in the Nest" and "La Partenza")

Thank you so much for the feature! :glomp:
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ysmeneStudent General Artist
... Sorry, I forgot to add ~massive-destruction (doujin: "Quill Coitus"), ~l3onnie (doujin: "Only Human") and ~Chincheta (doujin: "Il teatro delle passioni") XD;; They took part in the AC BL anthology as well. Thank you again for your time! :heart:
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Neko6Professional General Artist
Thanks for the review I didn't go to JE but I apreciate very much your featuring! And randomly I think that I did the perver side that you mention on Hetalia anthology XDDDDD I hope you don't mind and enjoyed it ^W^
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Glad to hear that you enjoyed what we had in our booth <333
I hope next year we can go again with even more books xD

Thanks for featuring us! :>
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Nuance, on a choisi d'être à côté du stand de Fabrissou et Yann, on ne l'a pas regretté, des garçons adorables!

Vivement l'année prochaine!
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KenneosProfessional Digital Artist
I hope go next year >,< I can't wait till then >,< I you go come to our stan again and i will give you a gift >,<
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