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America's Favorite Toy

.....he...he >D :heart:

awwwe she looks so content! I even did her makeup for her ^_____^ Makes me feel all fuzzy

XD special thanks to for letting me steal one of her dear, dear toys ^.~

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Nov 24, 2004, 1:52:18 PM
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ahhhh man that's cooler than all the destroyed barbies I've ever done.
haha this picture is awesome
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Hell Yeah! Good job !
She looks pretty much better like this.... Huhu ;)
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She looks absolutely fascinated in the destruction of herself. It's brilliant!
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hahaha thats hilarious! i like how you captured the blood dripping and the fire still lit. it brings it a little more to life.

i'm sure the femmenazis everywhere will rever you for htis one! :)
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eh, how about no. I don't think I can really comment on this one, i feel its just that its.... not exactly dumb.. but.. I can't find a better word. :disbelief:
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:jawdrop: gasps in :shocked: and :sprint: runs away shrieking... heh heh

*recovers from horror and casually declares she meant to do that and was just fckin around anyhow*

yah yah yah, I concede, WAY better... beautiful photography, really, amazing... and great on the minor details too :clap:

makes me :sheepish: that I hadn't taken more time with mine, just tied 'em up a lil bit, posed, and snapped rather quickly, little preparation involved, with, in comparison to yours, shoddy results. argh.

*resolves to do better someday when the mood strikes*

*has resisted putting any bloody pics online for fear a family member may stumble across it and/or realize I have issues/broadcast http location to all manner of disapproving kinfolk*

(a girlfriend of mine accidentally came across some very bloody/somewhat indecent-ish pics of mine on my hard drive and freaked out on me a lil- that kinda made me reconsider public viewing of certain things, so I hurried and deleted 'em- only after burning to disk, though, of course)

anyhow, totally diggin your gallery, your art, your work, to the fullest- :D nice:!:

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yay! cooooL!! like it hehe..
i want to apply this to all the girls in my school with bleached hair, and full make-up, and giggly-flirty attitudes :fork: :stab:
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how bad was the smell?=p
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quite awful xD but worth it
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Oh, you're so talented! And bloodful. I like blood o.o I love that, it's so...something I want to do. Badly.
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Lmao, this gave me a good laugh.
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XD So not letting my mom see these...good things we have more 0.0;; Ah well all for the sake of art! ^^
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aihaha..... good to see some dolls that aren't.... pretty! though she is.... but in a bad ass kinda way! love how the blood drips in the left hand bottom corner!
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When I saw this, my jaw dropped XD This is very nice, also verrrry creepy.
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*tear* brings back memories.. good times, good times.. beautiful
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holy fuck thats kick ass
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Looks like my barbies!:D Nice job.:D
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Awesome! great job, it is about time someone did thatl! again truly awesome!
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woah! this is popular! i like it.
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HA! Strange coincidence: Just recently someone chucked a Barbie in the rode and I ran it over...went CRUNCH really loud, all that was left were a bunch of flat bits, and an arm standing straight up in the air. I think it was pissed at me...
Anyhoo, this is a great concept, and the first mutilated Barbie shot i've seen done by a compatent photographer. And because strange things catch my attention, the blood dripping from her arm is a nice touch; it helps unify the composition. I also like the shadow, especially the darker portions. For fun, you could dry digitally working with the shadow in the background a bit. A dramatic shadow could add another dimention of sinister-ness, but it really does look nice as is too. Also really like the reflection of the flame in the forehead.
Heh. She be bald! I did that to a couple of my sister's Barbies, but mine, well, if I thought they had potential I styled their hair with glue and sharpies: the chinese one I remember I gave a mohawk (w/ red tips) and punched a silver jump-ring through her lip and one of the other ones I gave blue flat-spikes...liked to do hair make-up, not play with them.
Well, very fun piece you've done here, brings back fond memories.
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