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Ball of Steel (Level System) - Work in progress by DennisH2010
Remote-controlled missiles - Blender Game Engine by DennisH2010
Blender Game Engine - Flying drone by DennisH2010
Black Wildpuschels Egg by SarembaArt
Low Poly Character
My Sketchfast 7 entry Trevor Krueger (Download) by DennisH2010
Shield and HUD Update by DennisH2010
BGE Robot (WIP) Test Video 3 by DennisH2010
BGE Robot (WIP) Test Video 2 by DennisH2010
Low Poly Creatures
SkydominatorX (Blender 2.69) by Tirbalsking
3d-Sound-Test by DennisH2010
Sketchfast 5 Prof. Dr. Armpit by DennisH2010
Troll 3D model updated by SolidAlexei
Low Poly Objects
Array House Example - Blender Game Engine by DennisH2010
Array ladder example with start and end cap by DennisH2010
Water Tank by DennisH2010
Satellite Dishes for BI, BGE and Cycles by DennisH2010
Terrain and Scenes
Tower-House Design - Blender Game Engine by DennisH2010
BGE Building V1  by DennisH2010
Navigation Mesh Test EXTREME :) by DennisH2010
Fun with Suspend and Restore Dynamics by DennisH2010
How to setup Custom Bone Shapes (Blender Tutorial) by DennisH2010
Blender 2.5 - Planet - Part1 by daniellf
Blender 2.49 - Dice 3D by daniellf
Blender 2.5 - Planet - Part2 by daniellf
Other Blender Stuff
Ball of Steel (First Level)  - Testing 1 by DennisH2010
A futuristic weapon concept (high-poly) by DennisH2010
Claymore Loch Awe - Plasma Cannon by CentificGrafics
Claymore Loch Awe - Light Cannon by CentificGrafics
Textures, Reference Ressource
Reptile Skin Brush setup for texturing in Blender by DennisH2010
Dried Ground Brush+setup for Sculpting in Blender by DennisH2010
Dragonscale Brush setup for Sculpting in Blender by DennisH2010
Concept Art
45-E render scene by DennisH2010
city scene drawing colored by DennisH2010
Finished Games
Ps4 Controller input - Blender Game Engine by DennisH2010
BGE rollercoaster Blender Download by DennisH2010
Blender Super Labyrinth 1 by DennisH2010
Blender Super Labyrinth 2 by DennisH2010

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This Group is for people using the Free 3d Software and Open Source called Blender to create GameArt, like models and maybe even use the Blender Game Engine for making their own games.
Maybe you find some dudes here to share a project with and to make a game in a group.

Have fun and submit your work. Be nice and tell your friends.



:bulletblack: Download Blender



We would like to have one or two reliable people volunteering for taking care of artwork submissions, because due to time problems, sometimes artworks stay unapproved until they expire.
In order to apply just send a note to Jimmyon.

-You are in the CG field for quite some time(not just a few months)
-You are on deviantart at least 3 times a week
-You have a skype account (also send the skypename in the note)

Have a good time :)
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GWKTM Featured By Owner Edited Mar 7, 2019  Hobbyist Filmographer
Is this group inactive or somethin? Anyway, here's further info about the fangame I'm asking assistance for:…
GWKTM Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2019  Hobbyist Filmographer
Howdy! How long does it usually take for you to accept people's joining requests? I sent you one couple of days ago and hasn't got any response yet.
Nincen1945 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2018
Hi Guys,

Im working on a fighting game with Chun-li. Visit my page and post comments.
Message me any remarks or suggestions
trejowauk Featured By Owner Edited Jul 20, 2014
Hello, I am having issues here. On the Blender, I just figured out on how to add texture to 3D Blender called, Unwrapping. I manage to draw a thunder using GIMP, and I want to put it on a tail. The problem was I don't want it to over-write the designs, I want it to "stamp" it on it, without painting or erasing everything.
coryalantaylor Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know that there's still time to help a robot and get stuff!…
fighterfightr Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
cool group!
Jolin-chan Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2013
Huhu :D I started using Blender yesterday, hope that i can make such awesome pics like in this gallery someday :D
i hope that there will come more tutorials, espiacally about textures.
hattonslayden Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
here is a softbody and collision modifier question. i have sculpted and posed two characters. one lifting the other onto his shoulder. now flesh squishes when pressed so i turn on the collision modifier for both models and the soft body modifier for just the areas that need compression and ..... it taps out my 8, 2.9 gig hertz Intel I5 processors... now i know that the models are each 17k poly before subsurf but what the (expletive deleted) why is it so hard to get a "squishy-fication" on my characters? please a little assistance as no tutorials i have currently found mention anything remotely like this
AlphaPrimeSaviour Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Are we supposed to submit deviations to the "featured" folder? Cause thats the only folder I'm able to submit to. o.O
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