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AT (w/ Qeisvara) - Hera
This is the result of a wonderful art trade with the talented Qeisvara! I loved making this model of her OC HeraHeart

See her part of the trade here: AT with Blenderenderer

Since I had both a front and back reference, I tried to make the hair more detailed since I really liked the hair in the references. (Still trying to learn particle based hair, not there yet). This is also my first major character model to be done in Blender Cycles! It was interesting to experiment with different materials for the eyes and necklace in cycles! The dress also involved a cloth simulation to get the creases, so I got to experiment with physics a bit. The dress and hair are hand painted using a mouse.

For the background I used the Musume Forest MMD stage converted for MMD by Reseliee (original extracted from © Illusion by agekei). I thought this background helped embody Hera's love of nature. I then added an easel and some books to demonstrate her love for literature and art. The background was done in Blender Internal and then the images were composited together so this has a combination of both engines.

Thanks so much for trading with me! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.:D (Big Grin) 
Happy Birthday DeviantArt!
What happens when you give a 3D animator a coloring page. XD :D (Big Grin) ;) (Wink) 


H (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)                         B (Alphabets)  I (Alphabets) R (Alphabets) T (Alphabets) H (Alphabets) D (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)  
Happy Birth Day Fella (messages) birthday cake Birthday cake  icon Free Birthday Icon F2U | DA's 18th Birthday Birthday Cake  :D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Birthday Cake fella's Gobbler (Party) DeviantArt Flag 


Anyways, thanks again to the wonderful community of artists here. Keep being awesome!Clap 
Best Wishes to SimplyLaurenArt
A quick gift to SimplyLaurenArt. I heard from a friend (ChatReaper) that you were feeling down. Not really sure of the circumstances but I hope you feel better and know that there are people here on DA to support you. Here is a quick 3D render of your OCs from your YouTube. Hope you like it!  Best Wishes Hug 
Art Trade - Pearl (for Shizuko-Akatsuki)
:happybounce: Really excited to release this piece for Shizuko-Akatsuki. I love how it turned out! Heart Had so much fun modeling her OC Pearl and learned a lot from modeling the background. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.:D (Big Grin) 

Thanks again for the trade, really like the OC you made based on my description!Clap 
Her part of the trade -> Steampunk Cat

Special thanks to Steve (CG-Geek) for his awesome waterfall tutorial which was a huge help in creating the background.

Info Icon ultramini Info regarding this OC from Pearl Reference Sheet:Info Icon ultramini 

Water Her species :Water 
-Pearl is a water fairy. 
-She can manipulate water.
-Just like the other fairies, she has no parents - fairies come up from natural elements. For example, fire fairies come up from fire and lava, earth fairies come up from earth, etc. Pearl was born in the Niagara falls.
-Fairies live in their own society, well hidden, far away from humans. Their society is somewhat similar to the human one, except that they are more caring and respectful towards nature.
-Fairies stop growing up when they reach 10-11 years old. However, they have a very short lifespan (around 50 years).
:discomfort:Grr. Her background & personnality.:tiny plant:. Threaded Needle Pixel 
-She is lonely, introverted, mindful and quiet. 
-She has anxiety disorder and overthinks a lot. 
-Her power is extremely weak : the maximum she can do with it is invoking a light rain, and she can not always use it consciously. Whenever she feels sad and anxious, a bunch of clouds appear above her and it starts raining around her. Since she suffers from anxiety disorder, she basically carries these clouds all the time, and everywhere, which is why she is lonely : she avoids people because she doesn't want to bother them with her rain.
-She eats mostly vegetables and fruits. She collects her food herself.
-Whereas she feels like a burden to society, she feels more useful when it comes to plants, because she can use her rain to water them and help them grow. It comforts her a lot, especially because she's a fairy - and fairies value nature way more than humans do.
-She takes a great care of her appearance - she has tattoos and sews her clothes herself. Sewing is really therapeutic for her, since it's an activity which requires lots of concentration, it distracts her from the hurtful thoughts and feelings due to anxiety. She reads a lot too, for the same reason.

Flower Bullet (Lilac) - F2U! Trivia :Flower Bullet (Lilac) - F2U! 
-The primrose she wears in her hair is a fake, sewed one.
-She travels a lot ! Discovering new places is extremely scary for her, but she hopes that facing her fear will help her recover from anxiety.
-She doesn't sleep much (thanks anxiety)
Camping w/ Fursona, Socks, Tammy and Natsuki
This render was created for my new awesome acquaintance (and hopefully fantastic friend) ChatReaper:D (Big Grin) 

The 3 characters in front are ChatReaper's OCs: ReaperSocks, and Tammy (left to right)

I discovered ChatReaper through the Pride Month event here on DeviantArt DeviantArt  and when I noticed they were looking for someone to do a collab/art trade with, I volunteered. It has been a great pleasure working with them and making this piece.:happybounce: Thanks ChatReaper! I hope we can be friends and perhaps do more collabs/art trades in the future.
Miku and Luka (Brofist) [V1] 

In return they created this piece for me: Hatsune Miku - Art Trade

In order to speed up the creation process, I used several models licensed for public use. Special thanks to the following artists for saving me time and effort and making the piece you see here possible:Clap 

Forest Model: placed on the public domain under CC0 by BMF (Really nice nature scene, saved me a lot of time as these can take days to make, might make some more nature scenes now so thanks for the inspiration) 
Natsuki ModelGameME6 (great model, thanks for the DL!)
Natsuki PoseJuuRenka (Was going to make my own pose, but then stumbled upon your cute pose pack and I just had to use one!! Awesome job, love these poses!)

The Campfire and 3 front characters were modeled by me in the Blender Internal engine. Hope you take as much pleasure in viewing this piece as I did making it! 
Blender La 2.0 
Oh, and if anyone is interested in a collab/art trade, feel free to contact me!


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