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Just finished making a game for social studies in school, the teacher said we could do what ever we want to do so long as its related to weapons. We made an fps!


As promised, here it is!…
Anyone be interested in a short tutorial for this?…
Space Shooter! Just Finished Making It! Play Online Here:

Been busy recreating the old arcade game 'Pong'. Play my version online here:

Hope you like it!
Hi everyone,
I have started a small Modelling Exercise series, first up is a simple light switch. Watch the video here: 

Stay tuned for the next one, a scrubbing brush!
Would anyone be interested in a tutorial for randomising vector nodes?
Hi everyone,

I am very pleased to announce that I will be getting a new website very soon. I have been building it for the last week or so and am nearly finished. All is going well, but there are a few things that I need you guys to help out with. On my about page I've got 4 counters. One is a counter for the total number of projects, another counts the years that I have been working on blender, and another counts the total number of happy customers. However, I have absolutely no idea how many happy customers I have...So, if you have ever downloaded/purchased one of our models/images/animations ect. or frankly had anything to do with us and have been pleased with us, I would be most grateful if you could say so down in the comments below! This will help greatly with my website!

Now you will have noticed above that I said I had 4 counters. Well, I don't really know what to do for the forth one, so, any ideas will be considered!

Another thing I would like to ask from you is I need 4 people to write a very quick 2 or 3 sentence review about us. If you would like to do this, please just send me a note with your name, what you do (i.e. web designer), and an image you would like to be displayed with it, the image can be a picture of you or a logo, what ever you like so long as it related to you. Here is a link to the preview of this section (

Thanks in advance, Matthew
Hi everyone,
I would just like to say thanks to all those who so far have given me references to some great textures, I have found some wonderful textures from (thanks Joey!) but I'm still looking for some good textures for the bedside table and bookshelf. I would preferably like a dark wood texture but if you think you've got something better, feel free to submit that. So, congrats to :iconjoeyblendhead: for winning the first free copy of this pack! But, don't worry, because if you can supply me with suitable textures for the bedside table and/or bookshelf you will also get a free copy of the pack!
Thanks, Matthew

Heres the current WIP image:
Please keep in mind that this is still a WIP!
Hi everyone,
I'm currently in the process of making a small bedroom assets pack as you can see from the picture here. I have finished modelling everything and I'm up to texturing everything however I'm quite useless at texturing but more so at finding good textures. So, I would like to see if anyone else has any suitable textures that I could use. They must be royalty free, (I intend to sell this pack so I must be allowed to use the textures for commercial use). They must be hi-res and preferably seamless. I only need textures for the bedside table, the book shelf, the pillow, the bed, the duvet and the feet of the bed. And to make it a little more worth your while, I will provide a free copy of the pack when its finished to those who provide suitable textures!
Thanks, Matthew