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Some hybrid between wolverine and the terminator. :)
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i havent seen this before it is really cool
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damn that looks cool
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I guess you should call this thing wolveminator! :lol:

btw awesome modeling!
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LOL! It's not a bad idea! I'm thinking right now how awesome would be a robot wolverine :D

and thank You!
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It was just a joke, but I'm glad you can make a use of it :D
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Wasn't T-1000 the Liquid-metal robot? The one that didn't have the skeleton, but could turn any piece of himself into a blade?
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LOl, damn that's true! mistake...gotta correct it...thank you! :salute:
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Actually, you should try making such a wolverine hand as well... Would look cool. :)
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Brother, I had that in mind since 2 years or so, but it's kinda complicated to make a human hand in 3ds max, I could do it, but I don't have time and patience. I'm learning zbrush now so, things are much more flexible there...I'll do the hand as soon as my skills will get better. Just keep an eye on me! ;P
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Will do. :)

Strange - until I read the second half of your reply, I was going to suggest ZBrush. :D

I've seen it has a very quick learning curve, so... I'll be waiting. :)
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lol! Yeah, sure, If you have a fast regenerating skin, why not?! :D
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Cool. Really smooth and shiny. Looks painful, though! Good thing wolverine can heal!

Although, for an alternate version or just to think about, his bones are coated in adamantium, not replaced with adamantium parts. But this looks really good, regardless.
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