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Hello Blend-Mania members!

I have noticed some submissions going into the wrong folder. It's hard to keep up with all of the submissions to make sure they are moved into the correct folder. This is why I put together a tutorial of how to submit your deviations into the gallery.

PLEASE take a look at this before submitting your deviations if you are not sure how to do so. If you do not know where to submit a deviation PLEASE take a look at our Submission Guidelines! I do not know how to stress this enough!

NOTE: Each step ("Step #:") has a screen capture I created so you can view what to do.

Submitting Directly to Gallery:
Step 1: Go to Blend-Mania's gallery and click the + symbol that is at the top right of each folder. Make sure you are choosing the correct folder! You can view the submission guidelines at this blog entry if you are not sure where to submit the deviation.
Step 2: After clicking on the + symbol, select "Contribute an Existing Deviation..." (Unless you are going to submit a NEW deviation directly to the gallery.)
Step 3: Select the deviation (or multiple deviations) from your gallery - this is through the window that shows up next. Once you have selected the ones on the first page, press "Submit." You can continue going through the pages of your gallery to select more deviations to add.

Submitting One Deviation (From your Gallery):
Step 1: Go to your deviation's page and click on "Submit to a Group." This is listed under "Featured In:" where the avatars of the groups your deviation has already been submitted to are shown.
Step 2: Once you see the window that pops up, select the group you want to submit the deviation to. As you can see Blend-Mania was in my list of groups so I selected that one. If you cannot find Blend-Mania in the list, skip to "Step 2:" that is listed below this list.
Step 3: Choose the folder that your deviation should be submitted to from the drop-down list that shows up.
Step 4: Once you have selected the correct folder, click on "Submit" and your deviation will be added to our gallery!

If you cannot find Blend-Mania in the list of groups:
Step 2: If you cannot find Blend-Mania in the list, click on the option "Type a Group name." You will now have to type in "Blend-Mania" into the box that is there. Select "Check" after you have typed the name. (I searched for "Rock-Designs" when I created the screencap, but you will just add "Blend-Mania.")
Step 3: Continue on with Step 3 and Step 4 that are listed above. You select the folder you want to submit to and then click on "Submit."

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions! I apologize for the repetitive reminders, but I do not know what else can be done.


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