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Hi guys
  Check out Snafu's new forum at
We've made some modifications and changes so feel free to register and join in on the discussion.
I'll probably join in but i seem to have lost my password, I'll need to ask the mods to find it for me.

Also a lot of people have been requesting to translate some of my webcomics into spanish, well look no further.
There is already an official spanish version of PPGD, GT and SB at…

Translated by Maneki.
Check it out cuz it's got this cool comic page flip book thingy.

Makes me kinda...envious... -_-
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hello a big fan of your works and ive read alot of gt,ppg,and sb. but ive been tryin to brushup on the snafu website,but alas when i ty tk go to your links or go in general it says its not a real website. is.snafu dkwn perchance?