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I'm still dealing with my stomach problem and the only way I can solve it is to exercise and lose the weight. I have a very weak abdominal muscle and a flabby belly. I spent 90% of my time sitting down and no exercise. It's finally coming back to bite me.

Gonna be hitting the gym more often and lose the jelly belly. Production might slow down a bit  which means I won't be able to accept much commission works.

I need to fix this. If drawing is going to become a hassle and a pain I'm going to be so fucking.... not happy.

Hell even just watching a movie has become difficult.

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Get well soon 🥺✨
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I hope you feel better.
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Its not a robot hahah I just wanted to recommend some easy exercises for do at home (during virus)

Hi, I want to recommend you nice girl on you tube Im loosing with her 
on beginning 30 min day 0,5 (1kg) pound for 2 first weeks
1 (2kg) pound in next 2 weeks and now
1,5 (3kg) pound in week
most from tummy and legs wich helps a lot
I added more difficult stuff from her  and started feeling better too
whats the best you can do it at home…

and her best videos has "no jumping" in title, then you dont shake your poor stoomach if you have problems
wish you best <3
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What are the symptoms you are dealing with? I'm dealing with some myself and wonder if it might be the same issue

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physiotherapist here - my advice... 70% is diet and 30% is exercise. you need to work on both but small changes have big consequences - eat a bit healthier (more veg, watch potion size, less sugars n junk) + start doing 20-30mins a day - everyone has that time. not trying to promote but check out its basically all your meal plans if you need ideas, meditation and all of chris hemsworth's trainers... so you have something different every day and you dont get bored doing the same shitty workout all the time. the FB community is also amazingly supportive and helpful, as well as the team and trainers (iv had video replies from a chef in NYC and instagram replies from trainers on questions n such. plus you can workout at the gym or at home (yay for working out in undies n jumping immediately in the shower) - whatever gets you going and then stick to it. challenge yourself to do a month straight or even a week straight and then it gets easier to maintain - that was my issue a year ago. take photos and measure your stomach - remeasure in 1-3months. you will see differences.

if its not your thing, find what is your thing, walking, climbing, swimming etc but good weight loss needs to be a combo of weights and cardio.

You can do it.

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I'm in the same boat, minus the stomach pains but I definitely need to join a Gym. I've been told the first step is to find out the prices for membership. Maybe sign up for a class so I have a schedule to be disciplined with.
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I worked and spend 2 years with a personal trainer + gathering info. What I'm about to tell you is 100% accurate.

1. Sadly you can not choose where you lose/gain fat. Your body stores it in any place it wants. Mine was my thigh and butt....After exercising I have something called the hockey butt. 

2. Cardio is not even close to enough if your above your 20ths and not even good for your 30ths. If you are serious about losing weight then you need to push your limit by sprinting and timing it. This is called a H.I.T workout. It is insanely effective. 

3. Your hard work might be working out but your frustration will be in the kitchen. Not all foods are restricted for you, that's a big misconception. But, you need to set a time limit for food. I'm doing the Warriors Diet. I can eat literally whatever I want and it was awesome (it delayed my weight loss though). Basically you need a diet. Not a strick rabbit diet (vegetables and fruits only diet). 

4. DON'T STRETCH BEFORE WORKING OUT! Big misconception and you will end up damaging your body. Just do a small warmup. 

5. Do your workout consistently, at least 3 times a week. At first, it will be hard and your mornings will hurt I won't lie about that. But, trust me, in a week it will be worth it.

6. Sugar is your enemy. Don't buy any product that has added sugar. Look at the food labels, even when it says 0% sugar then that only means there is another form of sugar in it. Like leavening, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, cornstarch, soy lecithin and such. 

If you got any more questions please ask.
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Good luck man I lost 40 pounds over the course of 2017-2018 Ill be cheering for you.
billboard: GOOD LUCK

If possible, try to get some walking in as well. 
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I suggest  fruit salad

as in  Strawberry Shortcake…

wish ya the best of luck and good health ma dude

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do what you need to do. if it means for your health.
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Ok! Good for you!
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Well if exercise is the best option, build up and a slight belly should be fine. If it stops hurting, then you're probably fine and keep that up. Hell, maybe just going for a walk twice a week will already be enough. Good luck man!
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Cut off any unnecessary sugars and carbs, these are often the sneaky weight-gainers. Don't exclude fats since you really need them. Try to cut little by little until you have a nutrition plan that is good, but also feels good.

Food is very important, pretty much the foundation of your physique. Once you don't find enjoyment in your meals you can really feel down or fall back into old bad habits rather quickly.

As for exercise, it really depends on your goals. All-cardio and all-strength training can both do the trick, or maybe a mix of 30:70, or 50:50. Just don't lose weight too fast, I've heard it's more likely that your stretched skin will go hanging.

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Focus on cardio and cut down on how many calories you intake per day. Don’t try anything extremely drastic. Just refuse extra helpings at first, before moving onto things like excluding certain types of foods. Try things like taking the stairs instead of using the elevator and walking to nearby locations for lunch.

The idea is to gradually incorporate healthy choices and practices into your lifestyle rather than shocking your current system with something completely foreign or difficult. Its as much, if not moreso, a mental battle as it is a physical one.

Another thing, if you do find yourself slipping back into old habits, remember not to beat yourself up too badly or else you risk losing the will to continue forward. Just admit to yourself that you made a less than healthy choice, remind yourself of what it is you’re hoping to achieve and readjust back onto that path.

The toughest thing people seem to deal with is a lack of visual results. A bit of warning, it could take upwards of two months to see any results from a routine or regimen. So, if you aren’t seeing anything after a couple of weeks, that is completely normal. Stay focused or your goal and remember that every positive choice takes you one step closer, no matter how small it may seem.

A bit of personal advice, try not to compare yourself to anyone while you strive for your goal. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of happiness.” Remember: its SELF improvement. You are not doing this to impress anyone or to look a certain way. Those things will come but they are solely byproducts, not the main focus. Some folks fall for that deadliest of traps; when they begin to look a certain way or gain a bit more tone, they start to loosen their standards.

In the end, you’ve already jumped one of the toughest hurtles: you’ve identified an issue and have decided to take steps to fix it. And that is a victory many others have yet to achieve.

Good on you, Bleedy!
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Sorry for the essay...
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Quick question: have you been having a lot of acid reflux, lately?
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Hmm. Mine's been flaring up too, recently.
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To the Batgym.
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I walk everyday for miles back in my school days. I lost over a hundred pounds doing. Even got some muscles behind the legs.
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