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Yo guys

Sorry about the slow comic updates, I'm currently setting up my new imac and upgrading my internet to some shit called fiber.
Having a new computer can be a headache. Had to get a new adapter for my cintiq for it, transfer files, re-install all programs and pray to Jobs i don't encounter any bugs. Worst I'm still getting used to this monitors 4K retina resolution or whatever, it's too damn high. Causing all my previous artwork to look pixelated. I'm gonna have to start increasing my image resolution.

Oh yeah, I think my shoulder's feeling better.
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For the birthday greetings!
Also I got a present from Mr. Life ;P
It's called Tendinosis (on my right shoulder)
Fortunately the Doc said it's not severe, I won't be requiring surgery or bionic implants of sort.
Just a 15 day Physical Therapy.

Anyway here's to a speedy recovery. Cheers!
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I wish for love, peace and kindness to all mankind and....

Nah f#@% that shit.

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My first and probably last movie review.
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Ok I just found out that the Philippines has officially become Canada's garbage disposal. Worst if all it has been happening for a long time. No, I'm not blaming Canada, I think you're a great country and I would love to live there. As usual it all comes to government officials, both the media and the officials have been keeping it hushed and have finally surfaced. Now everyone's talking about it, everyone knows about it. This is without question the most degrading thing anyone can do to their own nation. I have no hope for this place. 

You wanna know the things I read in newspapers everyday? It's usually about corrupt officials sacked, graft charges, kickbacks, misuse of gov't funds, pork etc etc etc. That and Manny Pacquiao. It's pathetic. Nothing against Manny. I'm happy for him, ok? But not proud. I'm not proud with any of this shit. I'm pissed.
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Again! Merry Christmas to everyone!

I think I'm gonna take a little break this week, spend some time with family, watch some shows and stuff.

Maybe go shopping and buy some nice presents for myself. I missed being a kid on Christmas! It was all toys toys toys!

I remember getting my first transformer toy ( I think it was the decepticon Motormaster ) from my Uncle and my cousin got the Aerialbot.  Lol I get to be the bad guy? Sweet! That's pretty much what got me into TF.

Anyway I'll get back to updating Snafu next month.

Enjoy your Holidays!
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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and to celebrate Black Friday is having a coupon day, just use this code
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You can purchase some of the posters I've made at the poster section
Kill La Kill by bleedman

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PPGD by bleedman


Also on December 6th we will be celebrating :iconsnafudave: David Stanworth's birthday by having another coupon day.
Use the code "sharkday" and get another 15% on all products you order on that day.  

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Eat it!

And thank you all for the birthday greetings! I've decided to give myself a nice birthday gift:
I'm taking a whole month off - that means no updates for a whole month :}

Nah just kidding, I'll just watch some animes and stuff.

Also I'll be at Archon 2014 on October 25 at Ayala Center Cebu.
See ya there!
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I have been invited to be part of this sweet artbook project, you can check it out here at…

It is an honor to be part of a group of amazing artists (which I'm sure you're all familiar since majority of them are deviants :P)

Visit the link and support the project ;) 
Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines was a disaster. But we are very fortunate that countries all over the world have helped us with their generous aid and donations, we received so much help more than we expected. As a fellow citizen of my country I wish to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart your generosity.

And now a word to the President of the Phillippines, the Mayor of Tacloban city and all the govt' officials handling the situation. You are all INCOMPETENT. For the past week you've barely done anything to help the victims, not even something as simple as delivering the relief goods. I even heard cases where you wanted to tax these relief goods. Bullshit. You are all an embarrassment to your people and your country. Shame on you. Go to Hell.
is headed straight for us. Super Typhoon Haiyan will arrive tomorrow. I having a feeling it's going to be hell. Brace. and pray.
Check out :iconbeeare:'s new club


Another PPG fanfic he's working on, the group is still new and welcoming new members to contribute powerpuff related story ideas and arts.
Check it out!
Also here's an update of my webcomics progress along with the following writers:

 PPGD  writer - :iconbeeare: (ongoing) 


Grim Tales  writer - :iconneoedensking: (ongoing) 


Skullboy  writers - :iconwill-da-beard: , :iconneoedensking: (ongoing) 

Sugarbits  (on hold)

Some new readers are asking when I usually update, all I can say is I will update two comics each week. So just check it out weekly.
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Some of you may have heard this already but Dondi Bethea aka:icondmajorboss: who's my editor and writer for Sugarbits and a good friend has recently passed away. He was part of Snafu and and we will cherish his memory and contribution to our team.

We express our deepest sympathy to his family. May he rest in peace.
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Hi everyone

      Just want to clarify that all request for commission works are closed.  The commission arts I'm posting now are from people who reserved it last year. Yeah, they had to wait months before I could get to work on their request. I truly appreciate people commissioning  some works from me and I'd love to work on all your characters but I now I'm just overloaded X[

Also I will not be accepting any reservations, I will update the commission status once I've taken care of the previous list of very very patient clients who are still waiting for their turn.

As for ratings and prices I do prefer to discuss this privately so just note or email me.

Thank you all for visiting my gallery ;)
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Hi guys
  Check out Snafu's new forum at
We've made some modifications and changes so feel free to register and join in on the discussion.
I'll probably join in but i seem to have lost my password, I'll need to ask the mods to find it for me.

Also a lot of people have been requesting to translate some of my webcomics into spanish, well look no further.
There is already an official spanish version of PPGD, GT and SB at…

Translated by Maneki.
Check it out cuz it's got this cool comic page flip book thingy.

Makes me kinda...envious... -_-
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Hi guys

Just rantin by!
Ok, so most of you pinoy peeps have already heard about the new 4G LTE mobile network from Smart.
What is it? Probably the fastest mobile internet in the country, cuz it's 4G man! With a speed of up to 42mbps it's perfect for downloading hd movies in minutes, lagless gaming ... as advertised.
I was pretty excited when I heard of it, sounds awesome eh? Unfortunately there's a downside.
It has cap of 10 Gigs. What's that mean? Someone commented that it's like getting a new super fast ferrari car and you can only drive it for 10 kilometers, after that they'll charge you
for every kilometer your take. How much? It's P500 per Gig.

It's pretty fucked up, they say it's competitive price.
Well majority of the Filipinos here don't exactly have big salaries. What kind of idiot would wish for this kind of robbery?
Why do they call themselves Smart? They should at least advertise that this service only caters to the rich. In fact, I think even rich people wouldn't want this.

aaahhhhhhh...rantin feels good man! You gotta rant once in a while, ya know?
You gotta let it out! All that crap inside ya ain't healthy!
So rant with me! come on!

On a positive note, it's nice to know we're catching up with technology, 4G technology!
Yeah! I still want that BIG Cintiq 24 HD!
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I went to the mall, I went inside a PC shop and there I saw a cintiq 24 HD on display. I never thought that damn thing would ever arrive here. The worse part was when I looked at the price tag, it cost a lot less than the 21 inch I bought from abroad. Maybe cuz I had to pay extra for shipping and also because we have some of the most corrupt custom officials in the universe.

Yeah it made me feel like crap but it's nice to know that we're catching up with technology. Buying it would be a complete waste of money.
I was thinking of maybe selling my old cintiq and get me that big mothafucka.  But I still love the 21 inch and it's awesome, I feel like some spoiled brat wanting that bigger toy.
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Happy Thanks Giving! Christmas is almost upon us and to start off another chaotic holiday we got some cool new stuff for you to shop.

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Thank you all!
Have some cake!
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Just wanna let ya know I'll be at the STGCC 2011 in Singapore this coming August.
No booths, Alleys or exhibits. Just me going all :iconlaplz: with the crowd.

But if you wanna find me just check out the shirt I'll be wearing -
It's my first International convention so be gentle.

See ya there!