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madagascar sketch

By bleedman
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A little favor from one of my colleagues, she seems very fond of the characters after watching the movie.
I haven't seen it yet.....must be a really good movie.
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Stop Whining!
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Great sketch! Are you sure you haven't seen the movie because this is very detailed!
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Increible!!!!!! :iconawwwplz:
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Its not really the movies but the show, Penguins of Madagascar thats awesome. PoM's characters are much more developed than the movies (with almost 100 episodes) and are well worth the watch
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Ooo, goodie. :D I love Private. :)
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Freeky. The Skipper pose you used is almost identical to the one used in the TV show.
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Love the movie, love the television show based off of the penguins, love Kowalski [killed his name here, he's the tall penguin [love them all actually]] Love the sketch! nice work^^

Mort is so adorable too!

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That movie is funny as hell, you need to see it!
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I Loved that movie! The picture is cool also.
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ha ha ha....oh wow man.....
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You didn't see anything *waves hands in funny way* lol that was a good movie, and this is a good sketch
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Ho, The penguins-gang rock so much=) You really did a good job =)
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I love Mort! Muaha, and the penguins are hilerious. Great sketch.
I watched that movie,heres a quick synopsis,theres this zebra guy that wants to get out of the zoo,and into the wildlife,with his other friends,except for the lion,because he wants to stay in the zoo,eventually,the zebra got out,his friends looked for him in new york,but ended up caught,and was sailing to africa,but they fell offboard and went to madagascar,and the lion wants to go back to the zoo,but at the end,the lion learned how to eat fish from the pnguins,who found the way off the zoo,they went to arctica,but said this sucks,because its too cold,the animals then sailed off the island,thinking they could go around the world,the end,hope ya liked it bleedman.
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wowness! i didn't know you did a Madagascar pic! :O i love that movie! X3 :heart:
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what can ? say?
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