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Fairies, archers, joanofarc, samurai schoolgirl, fatzilla, etc etc. and Knives for my editor :iconbeeare: who's a also a chaufan.

I have been watching a lot of movies lately this year, I'll tell ya 2014 is the year of awesome movies. Tomorrow I'm gonna go watch that... dragon training thing.

Btw Check out the newest updates of my webcomics at
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Ah, the girl with the parasol is so cute! 
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Um bleedman seriously the new Godzilla isn't fat he's bulky hey does bleedman like Godzillas new design guys does he?
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... Speaking of which, you really like drawing lolis, don't you? I mean, you draw adults too, but it feels like your works are full of lolis. Please, no offense here. Really.
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aww godzilla looks rather adorable in your style.
can u draw one piece?
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Amazing sketches
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I like the one in the lower left
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Amazing sketches!
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nicely done .:happybounce: 
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indeed miss penguin.
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This is amazing! I love it so much, awesome work :D
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I need your art in my life!

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i do too and read this 

Black: The Birth of Leah

"it was a normal day, until Nega walked into the kitchen and saw his wife, Jenna, in agonizing pain"

Nega: what's the matter, dear?
Jenna: I Think my water broke
Nega: you mean...
Jenna: yes dear, im *hyperventilating* giving birth

"jenna had gone into labour, Nega took her into the hospital, He waited outside of the medical room, anxiously waiting"

Nega: *speaking to himself* i don't want her to die, i'll have to *koff* look after the baby on my own, i can't bear it, i can't bear to relive the past

"as soon as he finished talking, one of the doctors walked out, his face was smiling, nega walks up to him"

Nega: so...
Doctor: congratulations, your wife survived the childbirth procedure, she's just given birth to...
Doctor: A baby girl
Nega: a girl, really?
Doctor: yes
Nega: can i go in and see?
Doctor: sure you can

"the doctor opens the door and he and nega walk in, Nega walks towards Jenna, holding their little baby girl"

Jenna: isn't she beautiful
Nega: beautiful, she's perfect
Jenna: what do you think we should name her?
Nega: i haven't decided yet
Jenna: well, how about we name her-
Nega: Name her what?
Jenna: After your mother
Nega: what, Leah, why do you want to name her Leah?
Jenna: Because it's a fitting name for her
Nega:  well, i was thinking of other names, but i think Leah is a good choice             
Jenna: but what about her middle name?
Nega: Her middle name will be Arturia
Jenna: Leah Arturia Black, I like it
Nega: well, there is one other thing i wanted to tell you
Jenna: what is it, dear
Nega: well, can i bite you
Jenna: why would you want to do that?
Nega: well, because i don't want to look after Leah on her own because it brings back bad memories of me looking after Antoinette
Jenna: well, if it's what you want, bite me
Nega: really?
Jenna: sure
Nega: well, ok

"Nega puts his head near jenna's neck, he slowly sinks his teeth into her neck, her skin becomes pale and her eyes change from a blue-green colour to a dark red"

Nega: what do you think of your newly given immortality
Jenna: i feel *blech* sickly and shaky
Nega: you'll get used to it, so, how long do we have to wait until we can take her home
Jenna: they said around 3-4 days
Nega: it does not matter, as long as we're happy together

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cool and creative!:D (Big Grin) 
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