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Oh, my god, this is adorable.

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Slaughter Race Vanellope

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the look is interesting, nonetheless

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I'd believe this is how dark Vanellope would turned, had Ralph not came to help her in the first movie.

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I wonder how many respawns I can put her through before she learns her lesson....

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to much time in that game

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I always did wonder what her new attire would be now she lived in The Slaugher Race? I also picture her with a baseball bat too!

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Same thing I was thinking about her look since staying at the Slaughter Race.👍

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Vanelaopy spending too much time with Shank
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Sweet really matches look of the game ended up settling into.

"I need your boots, your clothes, and your bike had better have training wheels."

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What a bit... ter pill.

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super amazing :O

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That's a hot punk loli right there.

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WOW! SO CUTE! May I have permission to cosplay?

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She's adorable =3

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Typical Batman being Batman. kek

Also this fits the ending of Wreck-It Ralph 2.

spicy cinnamon vanelope!

awesome picture!!

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Which clothing store did you raided during your stay in Slaughter Race?

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Ah, Death Race Vanelope.

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