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Sinners beware! Face the sisters or FACE THE DEMON!

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Cute, faithful and nothing that I want to mess with XD.

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Always respect the jesus.

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The Warrior Nun and her posse cometh!

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The Buddy Christ returns!

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Jesus is my favorite part of the picture

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Holy loli!, Coincidentally that'd be a fitting second pen name for you Bleed :3
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Jesus approves!

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i choose to believe that jesus has a twelve pack.

nuff said.

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Course he did. He was a carpenter you know

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Jesus take the wheel XD

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They Need a Cool Team Name...

How about "The Holy Spirited Girls"

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This is so nice

Do not show the nuns the internet stuff about nuns

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You really have the power of God and Anime on your side
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Bet anything the calm and collected one on the left is secretly the most devious and badass of the bunch ;)

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Holiest shit!

I love it!

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nice, this looks amazing job

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I'm sorry, but the look of this just inspired my brother and I to come up with this.

One on the left: "Dear Lord, bless us and keep us so that we may do your great work."

One on the right: "Hrmm... this is interesting, did you know that they have technological ways of hunting down demons and dealing with heretics now?"

One in the middle: "Look you @$#!er, I came here to pray, kick arse and save souls... prayer's over and I'm gonna save your soul even if I gotta kick your arse to do it; may the Magdalene forgive me my profanity."

Buddy Jesus in the back: Jesus saves! I always take half damage! Your buddy is here in the back girls. Rock on!

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These girls kick arse for the Lord!

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