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It didn't exactly improved my skill overnight but daaaaayuuummmm it sure felt great when I got it
I was like "omgomgomg it's here! There is a GOD" :iconvictorydanceplz:

Anyway check out the newest page of
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all the cintiq I looked at seem the same, small and if you lean your hand on the screen cause that how you draw, it mix your hands with the pen....

I would love to draw on one and save paper but I have to lean over to draw it how I am use to drawing ^^;... and non of these work the way I hope where the screen lock on the pen and nothing more... man I wish I could find one for me to use XD

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Nice. Meaby one day I'll get such one too.
It's wonderful that she's so happy with the result. 
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So me i draw on paper but im geting a new tablet to draw yay
CharlotteSketches's avatar
Awe man. I remember the feeling.
Assassinendergirl's avatar
I'm too poor for a Cintiq, but my Intuos Pro Large works fine. XD
ExMedal's avatar
I have a Cintiq too :3
Ryhalla's avatar
That was my exact reaction when I got my first tablet. XD
Its an Intuos Small but I loves it.
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I work better with pencils I am afraid and right now I am jealous of you.
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.... I want a cintiq......
well, I'll have to get used to using it first. For some reason, I bought the pen first. Yeah.
maybe I can practice on my iPad.
6tothesource's avatar
I'm glad you're happy. ^_^
zeromythos5's avatar
wish i have like that
HARuNIS's avatar
ENVY =,= i want that too!!! o.o
How much you payed?
GypsySquid's avatar
Do want a Cintiq.
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Well, you know what they say: "The very process is its own reward"
aileri's avatar
I only have a bamboo tablet, but wow did it feel like christmas X 5 when it arrived in the mail :D
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Many still do this, thinking the new device will improve their artwork straight up somehow.

But, gotta say I felt the same way when I got my Cintiq then even more so when I got my Surface Pro 2 recently. Gah, it's so nice.
buzbuster's avatar
have you ever thought of making a drawing turtol
legionWorks's avatar
One day, my cintiq skills will catch up. Good thing my HP pavilion is up to snuff for me to practise on the go.
Dreaming--Century's avatar
lol its the same drawing, just on a machine lol
juriette's avatar
I... I always thought you were a guy...
Jinx-Nyx's avatar
He is male that's just his oc Deegee which is a female
BakaPantsuMangaka's avatar
CINTIQ FTW! Only £700 for a 13 inch ¬_¬ (Give me moneys!) 
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