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Right, tights. Why not? If that doesn't please bronies I don't know what will :P

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Damn, your figures.
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Considering that your work is impressive regardless of what others may think....I say that, well, whatever you think would work...
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yessss i love it 
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omg soooooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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u should make a comic with mlp
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it is soo aesome i love how you drew rainbow dash in human form hope you'll draw some more :3 bby
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she looks awesome!
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I don't know about all you,
but this is pleasing
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Thing's Just got 20% cooler!!
jonaslion52's avatar
And shit just got real!!
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Tights sensei, tights everywere..... XD
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rainbow dash is my favorite character :)
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I love how she looks like a superhero.
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