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Think Marcy

I dunno. What would King Andrias say to her?

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King Andrias: Think Marcy think, did you really think I was gone to let you die, no I need you, I was aiming your friend. Yet you help her escape along with those Frogs. Why did you betray, i thought you were my friend.

Marcy: "Andrias, I thought you were my friend, I saw you as a father figure and mentor like in those adventure games I play and stories I ran, but you used me all along, now my friends hate me for I did. What are you gone to do to me, now?

King Andrias: I still have plans for you, in fact my master has plans for you.

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Bleedman make like the scene of the series invisible
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This is good but i think Sasha would also be another good person to Ask Marcy to think

But as for what the Mad King would say. "Think Marcy, And think carefully did you really think i would not stab you even if we did bond? Im a tyrent who dose whatever it takes to get what i want."

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King Andrias: "Why did you make me do this? I gave you the chance to be right by my side as we traveled from world to world as conquerors! Think Marcy! You have one of the most intelligent minds that I've ever come across, next to me, you're the second smartest person in all of Amphibia. Yet you betrayed me for your so called friends?! What was I to you?"

Marcy: "My best friend. You were my best friend." Marcy says as tears roll down her cheek.

King Andrias's angry face turns to a frown as he looks at his sword, then to Marcy.

Marcy: "Andrias?"

King Andrias picks up Marcy and places her in a containment tube.

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Why does this always take me back to the show also nice job 👍 👍👍
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Up yours King Andrias!

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at no play on words i think he has a bit of difficulty conceiving children somewhere by the looks of things

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Andrias: THINK MARCY THINK maybe you think that this is all a video game and you drag your best friends into a dangerous world where they could have died because of your selfish decision, you didn't even think that their parents would care about their daughters even that Anne you best friend missed your parents you do not see where you lied poor anne that is exactly YOU BECOME MARCY marcy: .. a real friend .. my future girlfriend Andrias: DON'T FUCK, THAT MAKES YOU ...... the music of amphibia plays the title appears FOOL

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Omg this is great! LOL! YES! (two thumbs up)

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I bet he's going to turn her into a cyborg.Bunny Emoji-73 (Tears) [V4]

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And they say the perfect meme does not exist...

Sir you nailed this perfectly. Congratulations.
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Just so we are clear. This is a DISNEY show. And they added that ending on a KID'S show

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From what I understand, Amphibia started cute, fun and harmless...and then this hit the airwaves...Love those shocking swerves!

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Now look what you've made me do! THINK, MARCY, THINK! Did you really think there would be no consequences to uprooting your friends' lives for your own selfish gain?! Not to mention thinking I would just let you mosey on back home at the peak of my power!

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"Do you seriously believe those two will ever want to even stand next to you ever again after what you pulled?!"

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She really should have...

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Andrias "Do you really believed I will used the box to explored to many worlds and take you and your friends with me? Do you really think they will be happy without their family and loved ones back on Earth? Think Marcy think! What will you have when it's all over and you have to face the hash reality back on Earth?!!"

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Disney finally released the episode and we finally

rest in peace

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King Andrias: Even if I didn't trick you, and even if I took you and your 2 BFFs to adventures across many different worlds, your 2 friends would still want to head back home and reunite with their parents. THINK MARCY, THINK!

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