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I'd love to know if New Guy is still meme-worthy for 2021.

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bonito dibujo.

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Quite good
Way to many overreacting but the New Guy is a Good Guy
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I don't get why he became so popular, wasn't the original cartoon not a mockery of clueless entitled SJW's to begin with?
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it wasn't a mockery btw.

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Maybe I am too optimistic with humanity, but I don't think it is possible to be clueless enough to make something like this, and NOT let it be a joke on the purple ones expense.

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i mean you're clueless enough to think white people are oppressed so I really don't think it's that hard to believe.

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Well we are the most persecuted people in the world. In south Africa they are literally being killed, but in the rest of the world whites are still being blamed for everything, and thanked for nothing. whites are the only race that don't have the right to a homeland. I would say that "indigenous" if it were used objectively would include Germans in relation to Germany for instance. But that would of course be heresy to say out loud. Yea i think that is the word "Heresy"

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Well given the author's reaction to New Guy's and their previous comics, it's unlikely she did the comic unironically. They explained that the comic was meant to be a vent.
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well that is what I said, that she likely did the comic ironically (thou did a double negative), and that is actually how it works best, when it comes off as clueless but is really a brilliantly insightful view into the world of SJW's.
Of course Poe's law makes it impossible to tell for sure, but I always ere on the side of caution and having faith in humanity is better than the alterantive. Innocent until proven guilty and all of that, mate.

Nothing to do with her being an "sjw" which is such a stupid term. Shes just a crappy writer and cant make good jokes.

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yes it is a stupid term, "socialist" is more precise, but that is the term the internet have gone with.

If we were to take it literal, a social justice warrior sounds like a fire soul, someone who goes out of their way to help people, especially the poor and downtrodden, except of course being the exact opposite:

easily offended whiny bitches and bastards with too much free time who tries to word police everyone else and throw the occasional milkshake at people they disagree with.

Nothing wrong in socialism you have no idea whay you are talking about.

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Socialist does come in many flavours. I wont say that there would be all that much wrong with being a social democrat for instance, as they are people who believe in the free market and capitalism but just want a social welfare state in addition to it as a safety net.

But when I use the term, I mean it mostly in the religious context, as a framework for how human are and should be that in more ways than one runs contrary to our very nature. In fact a core tenet of religious socialism is the denial of human nature. And that I have very much against.

Hmm, that makes a bit more sense.

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Apparently the original comic was completely unironic, at least based on what I can sus out.  The purple haired gal is appearently the author.  
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I know people says that, but I can't make myself believe that, no one can be that clueless and put it into print. It is like these fake Mike Dice videos where he ask "random" Americans on the 4th of July what it is they celebrate.
Also, people in real life don't have purple hair or expressive glasses.
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You'd think that, but no, apparently there are people who are that lacking in self awareness out there and expect people to just agree with them because they have the """""correct"""" politics.  This isn't even the first of this sort of comic the author wrote and has apparently been active for a while.  The KKK aint the only hate group out there after all.
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Well first of all, if the author have done this more than once, doesn't that indicate that it is done on purpose (I mean all artists wants to be noticed)
Second, in what way are kids for a kinder Kentucky a hate group?
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The KKK is a racial hate group, they hate darkened skinned people my guy. 
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Oh thou mean like Black lives matter and antifa?
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Well, Black lives matter is a movement that supports people of color instead of hating them. 
Antifa I'm not really sure.
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New Guy, perhaps the most wholesome meme of all time.
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