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Its strange hos such looking girls are so cute

Artfrog75's avatar

That looks like Ami from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

YoonglesAndTae's avatar

Its actually RDR (람다람) lol

FrostTheHobidon's avatar

show me those pearly whites XD

DEMarq's avatar

The teeth are worth that sexy mouth.

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Hey FBI Dude, WTF! sure, the wording in DEMARQ's comment was a creep level of bad. He just liking the art of how it looks not the character.

AgentKelley's avatar

No that's not at all what he meant. He's always making lude suggestive comments about underaged kids in these art pieces.

Tiny-GTS-Lover's avatar

Hope you do more of her, I love that character

son-of-the-paladin's avatar

"Bad Ami Onuki! Now I need to go to the doctor to get my thumb reattached!"

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Clearly the guy in the pic has never seen Mars Attacks! You stick your finger into a strange mouth, you end up with a bloodied stump.

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Yup, definitely. I would be surprised if this was not a fanart.

RaganDeathnear's avatar

Oh I just found out there is a tag 람다람 lol

BerrytheB's avatar

Ahhh yep! 😁

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ok, how much of a daft moron do you have to be, to stick your thumb into a mouth with teeth like a shark.

in point of fact, you should never stick your fingers (or any other sensitive appendage) into someone's mouth without their permission...

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