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Yeah EviLolis! That's how you win wars!

Also check out the newest page of GT…
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kseniatsygirHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looove the expression :D
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This looks alot like something shadman would do
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snitchpogi12Hobbyist General Artist
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SorrokiHobbyist Digital Artist
Hilter? XD I hope its just cosplay..
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Okay... She scares me. 
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Okay... She scares me. 
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Mickey051089Hobbyist Writer

Hope this series really takes off its AWSOME
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DragonBlitz85Hobbyist General Artist
Kid has a screw loose...
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Oh you have no idea...
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She's like a teenage version of Darla Dimple!
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should have known you'll to her sooner or later  
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princessvaninaHobbyist Digital Artist
Youjo Senki
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LittleladyTophStudent Traditional Artist
I have just started the Saga Of Tanya the Evil its awesome! And this artwork is epic!
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BeeAre Writer
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Evil Tanya is BEST Tanya.
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Love it <3

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The many fun faces in Youjo Senki
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Twisted loli with a strong lust for blood? of course you'd draw it

...Good job though.
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trainbangHobbyist General Artist
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GardnerDUHobbyist Photographer
I love the anime this character is from. As brutal, twisted, and manipulating as she appears, she is not the actual villain of the anime. Big X is. And Big X cheats. 

Fantastic rendition of her. 
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TheNurseInBlackHobbyist Digital Artist
Wait. . .*Spoilers* 
You do know that the only reason why Tanya exist is to fulfill out Being X orders right? Like when she was trying to retreat back to war there was a paper that said. "Deus vult" on it which caused her to be reassigned back into the war. And her fighting in the war spreads faith(Mary and her father). 
On top of this Being X didn't create the war he's just influencing the situation on Tanya. 
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GardnerDUHobbyist Photographer
To say that Tanya exists only to fulfill the orders of Being X is denial of her free will. The purpose of this life is to force Tanya to accept Being X as God and develop faith in him and his "wisdom". She doesn't spread faith to others. Mary and her father already have their own faith. Being X has taken Tanya off of the Wheel of Life. He has been very clear that this is her last life. Once she dies, that is it. Everything Tanya does is to insure that she lives as long as possible in this her last life. Being X has hinted that if Tanya develops faith as accepts Being X as God she could be put back on the wheel of life. He has hinted, but not promised. She refuses to develop faith and give the Being X what he wants. Everything she does is to insure that she will live a long, peaceful, successful life in this world. It doesn't matter who or how many she has to kill to achieve this goal. Her anger with Being X is not that he put her in this world and set the rules for her to follow. Her anger comes from the fact Being X is not getting what he wants from her and keeps changing the rules. Simply put, Being X cheats. 

Lets assume that Being X didn't create this world. It does exist and implies that Being X has a infinite number of realities to chose from. He choose this reality specifically to torment Tanya and force her into submission. It isn't working and series ends with Tanya declaring war against the world and God. She may not win. But she isn't giving in.
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