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Steven Universe

ooooh we go...ok. I finally watched it and all I can say is... it's one of those shows that starts out as "funnyandenjoyable" to "holyshitthatisfuckingawesome". So yeah to all those who kept pestering me to watch this lemme just say thanks, this show is pretty amazing.
So here's a little fantart for you. I will be coloring this throughout the entire month.

Progress of the artwork as well as the final psd file will be posted at my as rewards to all pledgers.

Oh and check out the newest page of Invader Zim at…

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I don't care how people say this is changing body types or bull but this is amazing
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This person mentioned this drawing in their rant, I thought you should know if you didn't already. They said you gave Pearl a nose job and made Amethyst too skinny. I think its odd she attacked you since I don't see a huge problem with the characters you drew (You seemed to draw Rose, Jasper, and Steven the correct weight and size.) I also do not mind changing Pearls nose at all, you are drawing in a style that doesn't have room for huge pointed beak-noses. In the pilot she had a small nose so why not?  
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so how was the show?
(๑♡⌓♡๑) OMFG!!! FINNALY!!!! LOVE IT!!!
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Mother of god, you maked peridot look awesomer than she already is
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omg i'm loving rose here ;;
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i'm pleasantly surprised that you didn't shoehorn a pantyshot into this. good job, you managed to draw fanart like a reasonable adult for a change.
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i love you work!
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Hoho, look at Peridot all ominously in the background. Love it ! ^^
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yeah me too...i just saw all the show yesterday, and i was.."wow....this show has deep moments"
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finally you drew em i was waiting this moment really nice as usual 
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Beautiful work!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day :)
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YUO GOTTA GIT DAT 10/10 Thumbs Up

Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! 
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Whatever you do, dont post this on tumblr. SU fandom's gon start screaming like a banshee and try doxxing you and shit.
tho it is funny seeing their reasoning for it and generally losing their shit so
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Why? (I know a couple of months ago, they tried to claim the show for themselves and ban white boys from watching it) Is it because of bleedman's other certain works?
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-well for one, a Japanese artist drew all the gems, garnet's color was a bit off (not incredibly) and then the whole fandom wanted his head on a steak. even though he tried to explain (either through google translate because he's not good at English at all) and said it was not intended to be anything racist, they did not listen and proceeding to scream at the guy to apologize (for what i dunno)

-also if you're thin you cant cosplay rose cause apparently "destroying the character" or something and you should only be black to cosplay as garnet.

-no nsfw at all of the cast because shit excuse of "THINK OF DA CHILDREN" even tho stuff is heavily censored s "kids" dont bump into it. They say kids might see it on google images, but i've gone on google images and searched all characters on safesearch and barely any porn. and if any, mostly from other sites that dont censor such as right here. so even when NSFW artists do try as much to censor these away from kids, not enough for them. they want to eradicate it.

-Harassed one of he staff from the show off of Tumblr simply cause they didn't like what he was doing.

-Even tho someone from the show says NSFW of SU is fine, they still try to lynch all NSFW artists who make smut of any of the characters.

-Declares Lars to be trans. People point out that this is only a head canon and not confirmed. proceeds to yell transphobic to whoever doesn't agree with their opinion. What's their reasoning that Lars is trans? Because he' angry or shit. Just some really bullshit argument to try and force some false SJW in people's throats.

multiple things more but i dont want to make an essay here but TL;DR fandom is crazy as fuck.

So petty much if he posts this on Tumblr, they will proceed to attempt to rip him a new one.
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