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Samurai Ninja Roleplay

Back in my younger days my siblings and I would do this all the time cuz samurais and ninja were cool. For some reason I like playing the bad guy EVIL Laughter! 

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That so Fun Play Ever Have.

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You used play make believe, why I thought I was only one!?
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Great family moments like these should be treasured

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Is that kiko boy ninja?
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Omg is this based off ninja boy?
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Is that a game or movie?

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Kids klassics kiko boy ninja. Look it up it's cool.
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It's a kids classic. From the early 1980s
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Hehe I like the feudal Japan look ^^

the power of ,,, Imagination!!

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And a fan for that wind-blown effect. It's a must-have in situations like this.

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wonderful picture!!!

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I love this so much! :D :heart:

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Next page PPGD 😭😭🙏🙏😞😞
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May I ask how you go about making your art? You and Silent Sid are the only ones I have seen draw in this style, and I wish to know how it is done the source.

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