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He's way cooler than Vegeta :P

Finally for all those of you waiting for the return of 'them'
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realmente me encanta, me encanta,me encanta
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Raditz is indeed cool. I admit, he'd be a lot closer to Goku's rival than Vegeta was, given they'd have a sense of competition. There's also that family thing, allowing for a conflict of Goku struggling to accept his earth side vs. his Saiyan heritage. Though, Vegeta did make a good personification of the bigotry of the Saiyan race, where Goku beating him would be him rising up against his status. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Raditz was a better candidate for changing sides than Vegeta is.
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They really should've let Raditz have a redemption arc after his death. Now we have Bardock, the hero who non-canonically became the first Super Saiyan since the legend and killed Frieza's grandfather, Goku, the strongest warrior in the universe and one of the only two survivors of the Saiyan race, and Raditz, he was a dick, died in one hit, and was never heard from again.
Guess who's the black sheep of the family.
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And notice also that Bardock basically looks like Goku in armor. Really, the people in charge of Dragon Ball are huge Goku fanboys.
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If only Raditz had been strong enough to reach Super Saiyan. He'd probably have skipped straight to level 3.
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That's right. Raditz was so weak, we could actually grow more of him!
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:iconraditzplz: I... hate... ALL OF YOU!!
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really? I did not like Vegeta but Raditz was not so great. Vegeta had a Napoleon complex and that is why he always tried to improve himself.
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I think raditz should come back in the new serise
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...there is something about that expression...cutely annoyed, I think would describe it. Nice to see. Yeah. I think he could have brought a lot of comedy to the series. Too bad they lost that focus when their adventure became an endless overblown grudge match with random alien of the week. *sigh* Thanks for sharing.
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Of course he's cooler than Vegeta, he's got that awesome long hair!
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'i' must concur... I'd luv 2c ur take on him as a Super Saiyan.
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RADITZ!!! Omg u should do Trunks :heart: 
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Nice rendition of Raditz. He was one awesome character and a good villain.
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I totally love raditz, his hair is so fucking gorgeous!
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What do thnk his lunch did for their life before Raditz killed and cooked his/her corpse?
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Heard you can buy paper maché on Earth with just like 5 Raditz!
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