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One of my old fanarts, I did this back when i was playing the game. It was fun. The PS2 was definitely one of the best game consoles I had next to the PS1...

but alas i stored it away.

God of War 2 was probably the last best game I played since then.

Time to move on to the the next couple of years XD

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LittleBunnyKotomi's avatar
Ever wonder how he puts his pants on?
Nin10Boy6464's avatar
Lili is lookin a bit

Dodo-pink's avatar
Love this game allot! GRAT ART!
xXKittyHeartzXx's avatar
i love this game!!!!!!!
Rasic1213's avatar
I F*cking love this game, Although I'm mostly an X-Box and Nintendo guy
Jay-Space-Bird's avatar
This was on the Xbox....
Rasic1213's avatar
I thought it was only on PS2 which was the console I had it for. I later found out that it was on both X-Box and PS2 so please forgive my mistake.
Jay-Space-Bird's avatar
Oh, no I was just saying man.
Generalnazor's avatar
This game was awesome!
And it realy could use a Bleedman comic remix!
CrazyFangirl01's avatar
That looks like an awesome game right there. :D
mgbeers2009's avatar
OHHHH I loved Psychonauts!
ArtOfMattEldritch's avatar
Ever gonna put these two in PPGD?
DeathofInk's avatar
I heard there are plans for a sequel for this game!
HaZmAtflame's avatar
HAH this is my favorite game for the ps2 nice job dude
ZimGalForevah's avatar
Raz is pretty cool
fanficdude's avatar
i think that game is awsome

and funny

like that lungfish having a girl name and that guy playing that game with himself or napoleon >D LOL still funny
Tsukasa57's avatar
hey i like psychonauts too
DeWiwi's avatar
I'm suprised you even drew Raz and LiLi out in your style, but I'm gonna cry if you try to add them to any of your marysue comics. 8\ sorry just no please. Other then that, nice doodle of them.
MabushiiKage's avatar
This is definite win. It'd be cool if they made an appearance, even a brief one, in PPGD. Maybe making out behind the school or something. Or having a psychic food fight. The possibilities are endless.
A-Flying-Tomato's avatar
You know, you should really consider having Raz and Lili cameo or something in PPGD. Have the two of them going to school at Megaville or something like that.

Great artwork by the way!
IndecisiveDork's avatar
friggin sweet i mean :D
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