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Professor Lolly and PB-03

By bleedman
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Protobear 03 is a designated COMBAT UNIT

Unit 01 and 02
Professor Lolly and PB-01 by bleedman  Professor Lolly and PB-02 by bleedman 

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This is so fun

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Wow, is amazing!

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I'm getting some kung fu panda vibes here, will we be seeing him in the ppgd comics?
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It's Big Hero 6 meeting Kung Fu Panda!

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Well I think PB-4 Should be maybe Tibbers from League of Legends? Would be an Ideal candidate. B-)

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I remembered PO ( Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness )

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Brilliant concept! I really like the whole buns having batteries great power source idea.

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Amazing work! I love how you draw characters a robots aswell as make the robot characters that much cooler!

son-of-the-paladin's avatar

That is much less conspicuous than the original mech!

Is that...PO!? From kung fu panda!?
Well this is....AWESOME!!! :heart:
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Genma vs. Po....

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The dragon warrior!

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Nerd girls are hot ^_^

Makaishinsei-Shinki's avatar

I wish you took commissions. And that I had the money for them.

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kung fu panda bot!

awesome picture!!

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Do i smell a Kung Fu Panda reference? 👀

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