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Based on a concept drawn by :iconminionking:    Ea YZ TUMAAqjh6 by bleedman
I guess you could call this a redraw challenge.

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What an unnerving twist of fate
DeadCobra's avatar

Its good

Maybe did not seen yet

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So I guess that is what's called a bookworm

astrocitizen's avatar

I love her Mister Mind color palate. Cutest alien Bond-style villain ever!

Landmind's avatar

Shes poisonous so she should be fine.

Smashparty's avatar

Any chance that book says what to do if a bird is right behind you?

1992halomaster's avatar

punch the bird in the face

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This is why I never walk in the streets, in an alley, during the night.

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this looks cool:dummy:

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Really hopes this has a happy ending.

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I'm imagining her making the scootching sound from the Worms games.

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I'm calling it now, she's like the girl from reader die who can manipulate paper. That poor bird doesn't stand a chance.
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Plot twist: shadowy bird guy is actually prey for caterpillar girl's trap.

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she’s so adorable. I must protect

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cutest book worm I've seen

Ud-the-Imp's avatar

Poor girl should've heeded the curfew......

MugenSeiRyuu's avatar

Literal bookworm...of course it is more the song birds she should worry about.

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She should start looking up on bug parasites as soon as possible

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didn't know mr. mind has a daughter...

VentodelCaos's avatar

I actually surprise that someone still remember that old cartoon. It is very VERY old.

urzapw2000's avatar

most adorable bookworm ever!!!

but look out behind you!

awesome picture!!!

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