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Moonlight Minnie


Have you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight ?

OMG Minnie's a freak!!!! A FREEEEEEEAAAAKKKKKK!!!!!
Honestly I didn't know she was a FREAK!!! and Here I thought she would just be your average sweet little girl!!!!
But no she's a freak!!!! But Hey I like freaks!...........freak.......
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Hey can i ask this to be made in wallpaper size 1920x1080 HD?
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You are amazing at this! :O
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I love grim tales
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I love these series. :heart:
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Um...Sort of...I think I was high, though....(lol jk)
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I'm curious how long have you been doing artwork like this?
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She Looks like she got the Devil Gene from Tekken
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Hello there Im Makeing a pic and i would like to use one of Minnie's Forme Fighting Diablo from Diablo But i wanted to ask you first. is it ok?
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Mother of god run for the hills!
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Srsly coooooooooooooooool
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I'm guessing Nergal is her father, not Grim.
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"Have you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight ?"

Did you just do a Batman quote? Because it was in a Batman movie

If so I love you for it X)
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What r talking about? Being a freak is AWESOME!!!!!! Ya 4 bein a FREAK!!!!!!!
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I just saw in the last bottom left panel on Ch 2 Page 17, that the tombstone Minnie's leaning on says Emily.
It got me thinking... I wonder what would happen if Jr and Minnie met Emily the Corpse Bride?

.....I sense a new crush for Jr. XD
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LOVE! i dont even HGKFDSBFSRF!!
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I don't think she is a creep.
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This is one of the best shots of Minnie in the whole series. It perfectly depicts both her innocence and her darkness.
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this picture is badass!
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