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For the record I'm not a pokefan. However, I remember when Pokemania invaded the country, the TV series, cards, games and all that stuff but what really baffled me was that the first movie never came to theaters here. I dunno why, there's now way I could have missed it cuz I was .... ahem well..sorta ...anticipating for it and I kept checking the schedules. And it never did show in cinemas. I ended up watching a cam version from a DVD you could buy in the sidewalk. Did I miss it? I dunno. I remember my little cousin going ape shit when I showed it to him cuz apparently he never got to see it in the big screen either. He called his cousins over to watch it LOL "There ya go you little pokebrats enjoy!"

Anyway check out the newest page of PPGD
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This is such an awesome drawing! Well done! :D I have a question, what are you copyright restrictions?
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Love your style! Cute and sexy at the same time. ^.^
not a pokefan either, but always thought Misty was so hot... xD
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This is really well done! :D
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Omg she is so cute I love her so much, OMG I miss pokémon.Waaaah! 
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I forgot how sexy misty was.
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Don't blame me, blame the artist.
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Which artist? The designer? This guy?
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I don't even think he knows. Hell, I learned recently that Yoko Littner was fourteen years old!
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actually she may be 18 according to an official book. Also the legal age of consent in Japan is 13 and Bleedman was probably trying to draw her cute and stylish so this deloxys is the guy to blame not the artist. 
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I know! And it' snot his fault, i just wanted to let him know. But still, Jesus on the character design.
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she's my favorite one from the old show XD
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Let's see;  A kid drops out of Grade School to do what's essentially Dog-Fighting/Cockfighting for his profession...  And he walks around with a slightly older girl dressed like that...

And it's a G-Rated family friendly TV show...

I liked the Pokemon TV show, though didn't care for the game/cards, etc.
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You are so amazingly awesome at drawing! Misty looks so pretty!
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Misty looks amazing your drawings are so amazing ;)
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i miss pokemon! I really like your workWink/Razz 
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