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Merry Christmas 2012

It's a little late but Merry Christmas! Remember, it's all about the presents. and giving.
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Bell would never associate herself with the Mane 3 Dazzies! She's not evil, she hasn't been heard singing, she doesn't come from Equestria, and I doubt she even knows what Canterlot High even LOOKS like.
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but to have friends
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Funny and adorable :heart:
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that santa speak
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aww, so cute. Bell is my fav
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:icondeathstareplz: God dammit Bell.....

.....Silver Bell, LOL
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Ha, Dexter's Lab joke
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Guess he buffed up and made it to Mandy this year huh lol
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She is the white power puff girl!!
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Bell is the girl with white hair and sliver eyes (which her) in this comic
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hehe bell, mandy, and buttercup are the top three on the naughty list XD 
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why is bell higher on the list than mandy????
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try drawing Dan from Dan vs.
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fucken kids would do anything to get a present!even blow up santa!!!!
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mandy why am i not surpized?:D
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Wow, wonderful...! So hilarious! What a powerful little girl!
Santa is the best!
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