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Marcy Official Look

By bleedman
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Updated my earlier drawing of Marcy Marcy by bleedman so she'd look more screen accurate.

I'll be updating Snafu comics very soon. Appreciate your patience. Things have been crazy for my writers with this whole pandemic shit.

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lol her cape is still on fire

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Have you also seen the "Shut-In" episode? The human versions of...Sprig and Molly.


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And yes; her cape is on fire.


TheValefor's avatar

Marcy is just so adorable, its impossible not to love her, don't you agree?

FirstDrellSpectre's avatar

The show needs to show her adventures that made her such competent fighter.

X-Force02ranger's avatar

ayep, she is on fire again

SNAD10's avatar

Oh God, I love her. :D

seb212's avatar

just hope you are all ok! 😟

urzapw2000's avatar

hon, i don't mean to alarm you but your cape is on fire...

awesome picture!!!

SpaceRaptor112's avatar

Ooo nice! I wonder if she could fight something like me tho

FrostTheHobidon's avatar

I hope shes not fully bad but in the middle

tophxomi's avatar

I want that outfit :heart:

Raakone's avatar

Where can you go see her? Some people are talking about "episodes"....need the info

Schwarzer--Ritter's avatar

The show is called Amphibia. But Marcy is only in the newest episode.

I am surprised Bleedman has not drawn Sasha yet, because she has a cool outfit too.

Scarim's avatar

Finished watchin the episode where she finally appear in! Liked the extra detail to her "flaming" cape!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Her arrival is gonna be great :D

MinionKing's avatar
UGH! I still gotta wait like 10 hours to see the episode!! She looks so cool! DX
UAHero112's avatar

Draw the powerpuff girls and the rowdyruff boys

Raakone's avatar

What does PPGD stand for? Anyways, this is a cool looking character. Does she realize her cape's on fire?

DINVIS's avatar

PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi

LarioLario54321's avatar

So Far; I had a Feeling Sasha WAS the worst of the trio. . .

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