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Something I'm working on as a little tribute but I'm more of a G1 fan actually.

I've watched the movie a million times with my siblings and we act it out with all the singing and dancing.
I usually play the bad guys but sometimes...I wanted to be
the pony for a change.


Check out my webcomics at snafu
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PluszaczekHobbyist Traditional Artist
new picture for MLP FF?…
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jolliapplegirlHobbyist Digital Artist
G1 was its own thing and definitely has appeal. Honestly, I though G1 was going to be shit but its actually really cool. The villains are actually dangerous, the places are interesting and the stories are entertaining. I mean, other than firefly (Can't remember the Pegasus chick's name) kidnapping that girl.
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StarbatHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful picture.  It's a relic now from when the show was new and perfect.  XD
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grimsheartStudent General Artist
I look at this, and my minds corrupts the picture thanks to the My Little Pony Smile and Cupcakes videos on youtube and Smile.exe game.. but nonetheless, I love the picture.
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I love this so much la in love 
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GeneralEcchiHobbyist General Artist
looks like the scene from AoU trailer xD
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retroreloadsProfessional General Artist
Love this photo!
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puppicolaStudent Digital Artist
poneh cool
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Dark-Fang-The-DragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
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christeam3Student General Artist
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DejaVuFlameStudent Traditional Artist
This is absolutely beautiful. This perfectly represents MLP.
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your my biggest idol!

even thourgh i suck at drawing...
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09099aazzHobbyist Artist
Practice makes perfect. 
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Spike, okay, that's normal...
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triiceryyyStudent Digital Artist… someone stole your work ;-;
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And Twilight should have had a child with Sombra, being killed along with Blossom in the Battle of Megaville. Their daughter would then be taken back to the Underworld and promptly melded in her father's image, just like Mimi.
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Do you do commissions? If you do, can you draw Michael Knight and KITT from Knight Rider in your style since I am a major fan of your art? Please?
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Beautiful! Simply amazing! Stunning! I am blown away by how beautiful this art is.
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friskysoulsHobbyist Digital Artist
This... Is... So... AMAZING!! I showed to a friend who's not even in the fandom and she likes it!
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SailorMewHeart1Student General Artist
So cute!!!
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I wouldn't mind a MLP FiM snafu web comic 
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Very reminiscent of some animes.
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foldabotZHobbyist Photographer
That's usually his style.
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