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Kammy the Kappa

Based on :iconminionking:'s OC Ewx4OraVgAIh1UD by bleedman 
who asked me what's my favorite yokai.

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Wolffang1995Hyano's avatar

Literally just woke up from some weird ass dream where there was a BIG killer predator fish and it got loose and everyone was swimming for their lives. Also, it talked.

Anyone know what the shortened robe outfit is called. You see characters in period piece anime ll the time, but I don't know the name. Would work as part of a TMNT redesign.

cullyferg2010's avatar

Anybody got some cucumbers for him to enjoy?

LoboTaker's avatar

That happy duck tho is such cute x333

weremagnus's avatar

Such a cute kappa!

Nitrinoxus's avatar

Kitsunes are constantly stealing the spotlight, so it's always fun seeing other yokai getting some love.

(I'm a fan of bake-danuki myself, with tsukumogami coming in a close second as a group -- there's so many options for adorable designs there that I can't rank any single one as better than the others, so it's a tie about a dozen ways.)

Corzin443's avatar

What a pretty Kappa, he's adorable!:D

The fanart is adorable!:heart:

That girl's OC is so pretty!:heart:

DEMarq's avatar

....dammit, it's adorable.Green Heart Icon

AngelDjinn's avatar

I love this scene! So peaceful!

Koleyl's avatar

She is just adorable.

Yumoe's avatar

Love the background ;w;

tm6675's avatar
RenegadeSpirit's avatar

I'm just an shock by our design & detail you really going for. :clap:

ShaowArts's avatar

Love the design and the colors

WolfaSketch's avatar

*Kappa!! I love how people can turn something that could be evil and mischievous into something so sweet and cute looking!*

TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar

This is a great design

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