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Instagram doodles June

By bleedman
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Compilation of last month's post on my Instagram
I'm trying to keep the momentum going by posting one drawing each day. I think it's a good habit.
The world is ending so draw whenever you can.

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Arale, Sunset, and Lena? Good taste.

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I know that my first comment had to be about praising your art and how you have been an inspiration to me over the years and how a few days ago it was that I remembered your webcomics and started to stalkear and see how you have progressed over the years. But I have a very strong question right now that I would like you to answer, of course it is not much trouble.

What is the configuration of your doodle brush?

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Mumm-Ra, Darkwing Duck and Gizmo Duck!!:happy:

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>The world is ending so draw whenever you can.

Good attitude to have I guess, even if its a slight exaggeration, lol.

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Helltaker? I approve.

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I kinda giggled at Mum Ra reading the newspaper.

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Olga is really beautiful

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Sunset Shimmer in your styleÑ Super cute! :heart:

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The girl with the blond pigtails looks like she's looking behind her as Darkwing Duck and Gizmoduck are posing behind her and she's like "freakin' showoffs."

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aaa Licorice!!! it's been so long <333 miss the girl, so good to see her again

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i saw Erma and Arale and i loved

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I see Erma and Sucy here, I fav.

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Ha! These are all great, but Mumm-ra gave me a chuckle... And I love the bookworm girl.

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Nice, Bleed-style Ms. Marvel!
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The earth will not perish, but human beings may not
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Say, you should maybe make a grim tales crossover with other supernatural* webcomic characters.

*Not talking about the tv series of the same name.

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Ohhh, a lot of favourites in there.

nayialovecat's avatar

Oh, Erma and Arale! I love both od them :D

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the cerberus are so cute!

PKMNdetective's avatar

lets get dangerous, suck gas evil doers

ancient spirts of evil

transform this decayed form to


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